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Monday, October 29, 2007



I dont know if "Ma-bo-Do-fu" is correct writting in English :p

But Japanese pronouce so.

There are a lot of instant seasoning package for this, but it is very simple and delicious.

First, stirfly garlic and ginger, add Toubanjan(chinese chili paste) and chicken soup(maggi can be use), salt and sugar.

Add Tofu and stirfly them for a while, and then add soy sauce and oyster sauce ad chopped onion spring.

Done! It is very good combination with Japanese rice :D

Saturday, October 27, 2007



This is absolutely my favorite Filipino dish :p

Both with rice and beer, I like Adobo.

Maid san used to work at my condo told me how and I memorize, but I can't cook as delicious as the one she cook :(

I think it because of the difference of vinegar..

I don't like beef in the Philippines because it is to hard to chew, but porl and chicken are as delicious as Japanese(or checken are even better).

Sometimes I cook Foreign dishes and they make me recall my memories where I was.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thai curry

Thai curry

Again, I ate thai curry ;p

Japanese curry are good if with rice, but if with beer, it is to thick.

The thai curry are good both with rice or beer!

So sometimes I cook it. so spicy but I love it.

I also went to Indian curry restaurant a week ago, it is great as well :D

There are some meat in curry, beef, pork, chicken are used often.

My favorite is chicken ;p Cheapest but delicious!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Katsuo no tataki

Katsuo no tataki

This is lightly roasted bonito. Not sashimi.

Japanese like to eat bonito as tataki, but I don't know why and disagree.

Bonito sashimi is my favorite sashimi. I also like tataki, but if so, It is not my favorite.

Today my mom brought back this from her place, said given by her coworker had a trip to Kouchi prefecture.

Her coworker recommend to eat it with salt, and I tried for the first time, but It is not delicious at all!

I think tataki should be served with ponzu, bonito sashimi should served with sliced garlic. Not wasabi for it, garlic is better :D

Monday, October 22, 2007

Delux Ramen

Delux Ramen

I love Ramen :D

I go to lunch to Ramen restaurant teice in a week,but I don't have money to order most expensive one :p

At most restaurant, Ramen are 500 yen to 1500yen.

So I usually order around 700 yen or 800 yen because cheapest one is too simple.

But yesterday, on holiday, I went out to new ramen restaurant and order delux ramen.

This contains double noodle, boiled egg, meat. So expensive.

It is first time for me to go there, but this ramen are really amazing!!

If you like tonkotsu ramen, you would go and enjoy there.

I have never seen foreigner like tonkotsu :p

Friday, October 19, 2007

Sanma kanzume

Sanma kanzume

Japanese are good at develop instant food. Such as Ramen, or frozen food.

But as well as them, canned food are also convenient are delicious in Japan :p

This one is canned Sanma Kabayaki.

Sanma is one of cheapest and delicious fish here. Kabayaki means "grilled with soy sauce and sugar".

You can find this in ebery Japanese groccery worldwide, eat it with Japanese rice :D

Wednesday, October 17, 2007



As I said before, agedashi-Dofu and Yu-dofu are my favorite dish using tofu.

Actually I don't like Hiyayakko(raw tofu) :p

Tofu(displayed as "dofu" sometimes) is bean-curd according to my dictionary, but I guess youguys have ever been to Japanese restaurant tried it already.

When I eat yudofu, I need to prepare 2 pan. 1 for boil tofu, and another for cook sauce.

Simply you just boiled tofu with hot water with konbu(seaweed broth) for a couple of minutes after boiling. tofu can be eaten as raw.

In another pan, pour a half cup of soy sauce, a quater of Mirin, and a quater of Japanese sake(if available. if not, use water instead) and Japanese instant buillon(not maggi!). Boil them toghther.

After damping a fire, add Katsuobushi(can't find in my dictionary. please google it) and chopped onion spring. Complete!

I ate it yesterday, and will eat it later. The sauce is so delicious :D

Monday, October 15, 2007

Character of Japanese snack

Character of Japanese snack

This is one of my favorite snack in Japan.

But I don't eat snack as snack but when I drink beer. Yes this one is best match for beer.

As you see on the package, this is taste of Endou-Mame. One of bean.

Don't you think the character displayed on the package funny?

I laughed when I saw it :p

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Traditional breakfast

Traditional breakfast

This is one of most popular combination of Japanese breakfast.

These days bread breakfast is also popular among young generations, but I prefer rice breakfast rather than bread, boiled egg and orange juice.

On weekday, since I have to wake up early so I don't eat breakfast(sometimes ochazuke only lol), but I love to eat like this on weekend.

Rice and Miso soup are necessary, I choose which fish I ate from various line-up.

I like sake(salmon), saba(chub mackerel), aji(Japanese horse mackerel), hokke, and yellowtail as grilled.

At this time, I ate saba.

If it's not enough, I bring Nori(seaweed), Tsukemono(pickles) or raw egg from fridge

probably the breakfast served at hotels in Japan looks like this. But if you prefer English breakfast, they will have it.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Salmon Sashimi

Salmon Sashimi

Oily and tasty taste andbeatiful texture it has.

I love all sashimi, especially oily fishes.

Yellowtail, tuna(not back side), salmon, yellowfin are my favorite. But cheapest is Salmon. Otherwise so expensive :(

we can find "save 50%" salmon sashimi after 6PM at market, so I usually perchase it :p

Salmon sushi is also great.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Instant Mentaiko Pasta

Instant Mentaiko Pasta

THese days, most of all convenience store sell instant Mentaiko pasta(Microwave cooking).

Sorry to attach dirty picture. I took mistake :|

If you come to Japan, and I think everyone will go to convenience store, take this and enjoy Japanese traditional(?) pasta :D

Remember, cut seaweed is always beside mentaiko pasta :)

Saturday, October 6, 2007



Well this is one of traditional Japanese food and girls learn how to cook at the first time in thier lives.

Simply just boil ingredients, but it is popular Japanese cuisine.

Have you ever heard about "Iron chef America" and Chef Morimoto?

I don't remember which channnel is the TV program broadcasted, but I saw it every week in the Philippines :)

The original is Japanese program "Ryori no tetsujin" and remaked in US and broadcasted as "Iron chef America". So we all know the system of the show.

Well, if you know Chef Morimoto's restauraqnt, you can go there and order Nikujaga with Matsuzaka beef!

I was so surprized when I heard about it, but maybe they still serves it there :)

At least, they had it when they opened the restaurant ...

Friday, October 5, 2007



This is nikuman and I guess you have ever seen it in your country.

I eat this for quick breakfast or snack when I'm in rush or drinving.

I don't know what is inside of the skin made of flour, but there are various Chuuka-man(means chinese bun or like that Nikuman belongs to it).

Nikuman is cooked ground meat and vegetables inside skin.

Anman is bean jam inside.

Curry man is Japanese curry inside.

Pizza man is pizza taste ground meat inside :p

You could see this everywhere in Japanese convenience store on winter.

Now Winter comes near, so they are beginning selling them. I love it ;p

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Agedashi Tofu

Agedashi Tofu

This is Agedashi tofu.

Agedashi means deepfry or something like that.

Tofu is .....tofu I hope you know that. I don't know how to say in English :p

Simply dredge a little bit potato starch onto tofu and deepfry it.

Sauce is Ponzu. Have you ever heard about it?

It is one of most popular sauce in JApan and each family has stock in their fridge.

It is made of soy sauce and sour liquid(i.e venegar, lemon juice, like that) and some other seasonings.

Various kinds of ponzu sold in the market in Japan, and we often use it for dishes.

I love Tofu, and this one and Yu-dofu are my favorites.

I will eat Yu-dofu twice in a week on winter, so I think I will introduce later :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007



OK, I begin blogging from now on, moving hosting account have done smoothly :)

This is "Nilaga" and not Japanese cuisine but Philippine cuisine.

Actually, it is my favorite Filipino dish. I lived there for 2 years so I think I have tried most of all Filipino dishes, I love some of them.

If you can find Filipino restaurant in your country, I recommend you trying Nilaga, Adobo, Pancit lomi, kinilaw(marinated tuna). They are my favorites.

The maid san worked at my condo told me how to cook nilaga, but I can not find most important seasoning for nilaga in Japan.

It was cold "Patis" in the Philippines, I think it is one of fish sauce.

Well so First you need to prepare potato, cabbage(chinese cabbage can be behalf), , beef or pork, maggy, black pepper, and fish sauce.

Boil all and add seasoning. Thats all :p

I will introduce some foreign cuisine that I experienced and still remembering how-to-cook sometimes.

I love them!