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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ikura-don(salmon caviar sushi)


How beatiful salmon caviar is on the photo!

I didn't modified at all. But cost alittle bit expensive for me...

Tastes mild creamy and fresh!

That's all I ate for dinner yesterday. It was enough for me.

And drink much alcohol.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tempura (green soybean and shrimp)

Tempura (green soybean and shrimp)

This is also my favorite Tempura.

Have you ever heard about Kakiage?

It is Tempura made of chopped begetables or small seafoods.

How can I make CHOPPED things to tempura? Usually, when you cook tempura, you cut the begetables into slice.

When you make Kakiage, you have to prepare Spoon.

1. Cook tempura coating in the bowl.(see Ebi-tempura)
2. Add chopped begetables into bowl and stir.
3. Use spoon and scoop .
4. drop it into oil. And deepfly till color will be gold.

I couldn't attach picture because I bought it in the supermarket at 2 USD per package...

You can choose any begetables for Kakiage. Most popular ingredients for Kakiage may be the combination of shrimps, onion and carrot here. I'm not sure what is popular in Tokyo. It depends on a place.

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Monday, May 28, 2007

Tonkatsu(Pork cutlet)

Tonkatsu(Pork cutlet)

I will introduce how to make Tonkatsu(Pork cutlet) today.

It's so popular in Japan but how about in Japanese restaurant in overseas?

I was used to order it there but it was not as good as standard tonkatsu in Japan.

I think Japanese beef is one of greatest in the world, but pork is as good as other coutries.

So I cooked Tonkatsu in overseas by myself.

It's so simple!

from the left,
Tempura coating(see )
Bread crumb
boneless pork fillet(dredge salt and pepper)

Put pork fillet into tempura coating completely, And then, put them into bread crumb. Too much bread crumb is not good.

Now, ready to be deepflied.

Keep oil at around 180 tempereture, and deepfly pork till the bread crumb changes color to gold.

Done! You can choose any sauce for tonkatsu, but I recommend you buy Japanese tonkatsu sauce in Japanese food store in your coutry. Check it!

This is most popular tonkatsu saucein Japan, "Bulldog Tonkatsu sauce".

Most of my foreigner friend says "Amazing! It's flavorful and tasty!" when they taste this, so I think you too!

This is trademark of Bulldog ltd. products.I saw this sauce sold in Australia, Philippines, Thailand and Hong-Kong.

Probably you can find it at Japanese products market in your hometown!

Just about 2 USD. You should try!

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Katsuo no Tataki(lightly roasted bonito)

Katsuo no Tataki(lightly roasted bonito)

Today, I introduce about Katsuo no Tataki(lightly roasted bonito).

I didn't know the word "bonito". I thought "yellowfin" instead of "bonito".

Is it wrong? I saw bonito saled in the market in the Philippines as the name of "yallowfin". It was expensive in the Philippines.

I think you have ever tried Sushi or Sashimi. It is completely raw.

"Tataki" means "lightly roasted" according to the dictionary.

I live in Ehime prefecture in Japan, and Kochi prefecture that is located next to Ehime is largest production area of bonito in Japan.

Therefore, I could eat flesh bonito in my hometown at a law plice.

I saw lightly roasted bonito in Japanese restaurant in Australia, Bangkok, Philippines and was used to eat it instead of Tuna Sashimi.

I also like Sashimi of bonito, but in my hometown, Tataki is more popular way to eat bonito.

If you don't like completely raw fish, you should try this one first prior to eat Sashimi. This one doesn't smell very much of "Raw fish".

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Saturday, May 26, 2007



This is Zaru-Udon. As I explained briefly about udon noodle, but this is the cold Udon.

Since it's getting warm in Japan, I can't eat hot dishes on lunch.

I don't know if it's popular in Tokyo in sunner season in Japan, but it's my favorite lunch on summer.

Maybe Zaru-soba is popular in Tokyo but I don't know good Soba restaurant near my home...

Note: Zaru means like a basket in English. To make noodles very cold, Chef put noodles into cold water with a lot of ice and quickly serves on the basket. So customer can eat very cold noodles and without water(because unuseful water drop down from the hole of basket).

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Squid and Fried Chicken w/ Chili Sauce

Squid and Fried Chicken w/ Chili Sauce

This is side dish served with beer tonight.

Spicy food is really great with beer! I can't live without beer.

I'm not good at cook but it's so simple to cook.

You just need prepare

1, 2 table spoon of soy sauce
2, 2 table spoon of soy Japanese Sake(rice wine)
3, 2 table spoon of sugar
4, 6 table spoon of ketchup
5, A little bit chopped garlic and ginger

Put these into pan and heat up for a while.

Add any seafood or meat you like and mix them well in the pan.

If you like, you may add chopped onion spring as well.

These days, side dish for beer is prior to dinner for me...

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Takenoko tempura

Takenoko tempura

I have already written that I like tempura.

I like prawn tempura, but begetables tempura are also great!

Pumpkins, potato, and carrots amd more. A lot of begetables are being cooked for tempura in Japan.

I don't know very well about US or Europian coutries, but I think Prawn tempura must be most popular.

I ate Takenoko tempura for dinner tonight.

"Takenoko" is bamboo shoot.

I don't know if it's popular in overseas, but I found "bambou" in Japanese-Freach dictionary.

So maybe bamboo is eaten in France or other Euro areas.

If you like tempura, I'm sure that you love Takenoko tempura!

Remember, I strongly recommed you to eat Takenoko tempura with SALT!

Soy sause and tempura sauce is not good for Takenoko tempura.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007



What do you want for your side dish with beer or whiskey?

For me, I like potato chips for beer!!

I think potato chips are imported from US or somewhere, it's popular in Japan as well.

I'm not sure but I think there are 20 or more kinds of potato chips are sold in every supermarket.

My favorite potato chips is this one attached above.

Have you ever heard about Wasabi? The ground green begetable inside Sushi.

This potsto chips tastes and smells like Wasabi. So when you eat this one, inside of your nose will be painful as far as eating Sushi!

I found it at Asian foods store in the Philipines, so I think it has been exported to oveaseas.

If you like Wasabi or spicy foods, you should try it on when you found it in your place!

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Suntory Hokuto white label

Hokuto whiskey(white label) from Suntory.

Flavorful Japanese whiskey. Blended whiskey and 50.5 proof.

Whiskey is my favorite alcohol drinks! I drink 2 cans of beer and 2 glass of whiskey with water everyday.

When I was teenager, I liked bourbon whiskey on the rock. I.W Harper 12yo and Blanton.

But now, I'm nuts for the flavor and mild and smooth taste of whiskeys from Suntory.

Hokuto white label includes high alcohol but not so expensive. 1000 JPY(less than 10 USD) for 1 bottle(700ml).

Hokuto black label is 12yo version of Hokuto whiskey, and 2000 JPY(about 15 USD).

Actualy, my favorite whiskey from Suntory is "Suntory Royal 12yo" but I could buy it only once in the month. It cost about 20 USD...

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ebi-Tempura(Prawn tempura)

Ebi Tempura(Prawn tempura)

As I wrote about already, this is one of my favorite Japanese cuisine!

I think you have ever eaten prawan tempura and it was bigger than this.

There are a lot of Tempura restaurant in Japan and they serve large prawn tempura.

But we can buy prawn is as large as this in supermarket. No problem, both of them tastes similar.

Remove the head and skin of prawn.

Remove the tip of the tail of prawn. Somehow, according to my mum, we have to do that.

Make a cut in the prawn, and make it flat.

My mum also bought "Special salt for tempura".

See above photo by click. I like to eat tempura with salt, not tempura sauce.

We usually cook tempura on the dining table, not in kitchen. So we have to prepare tempura cooker on the table.

Ingredients. Potato and prawns for today. Tempura coating is made of 1 egg, 1 third package of floar and about 1 cup of water. Simple!


Served with beer!

I am so satisfied with today's tempura, but I think Prawn tempura should be eaten in Tempura restaurant and cooked by professional tempura chef.

It's very hard for us to cook it as well as prawn tempura served in Restaurant!

Maybe there are some tips to cook great tempura...

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Yamaimo no Tempura

Yamaimo no tempura.

It is tempura of Yamaimo(sticky sweet potato).

I looked up "Yamaimo" in English-Japanese dictionary but I couldn't find exact thing.

This potato has black peel and is so sticky and thready when peeled...

Does someone knows uniq name of it?

I wanted to attach the photo but actually this Yamaimo no Tempura is frozen instant food. So I couldn't attach.

I like any Tempura, what is best tempura for me is..

1st. Ebi(prawn) tempura
2nd. Pumpkin
3rd. Chikuwa-Isobe tempura(Japanese fish sausage tempura with seaweed flavor I will introduce it later with photo)

What kind of tempura is popurar at Japanese restaurant in your country?

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Subuta(sweet and sour pork)


This is not Japanese cuisine. This is Chinese cuisine.

I don't know the name of this in China. Subuta is Japanese name and means like "Sour Pork".

I was used to eat "Sweet and sour pork" in the Philippines but it was not so as delicious as Subuta.

Because I don't like sweet foods. My friend from Japan likes sweet foods like sweet and sour pork in th Philippines more.

I think you can try this in your hometown coz there are a lot of Chinese restaurant or snack vender in the world!

In Japan, we usually buy Subuta sauce in mall and cook it briefly...

What is the name of this dish in your country?

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Natto(fermented soybeans)


Natto is hot topics these days?

I found some posts about Natto on my favorite blogs.
hugo Blogging
Why don't you come to Japan?

For who doesn't know well about Natto, I will introduce about briefly.

Natto is fermented beans. I'm not sure but parobably 3 or 4 kinds of beans may be ingredients of Natto.

I recommend Natto to a lot of my foreigner friends but they couldn't eat it!

But a Korean friend who I met in Australia said that he had been used to eat it in Korea.

Does any Korean see this post? If so, please tell me if Natto is eaten in Korea or not.

Don't say "yuck" before you try.

It's so popular in Japan and people who lives in west part in Japan loves it!

I think most of people eat Natto with sauce and mastard in the package of Natto, but I strongly recommend you to add vinegar and chill before you stir Natto!

It's my favorite way since I heard about this way from the announcer from a radio program.

1, open the package of Natto.

2, You can see a sauce and mastard packege on the plastic cover

3, Prepare the vinegar and Chili(for me I usually prepare dried chili pepper).

4, Add sauce, mastard, vinegar and chili. And stir it! Natto will be thready.

5, Enjoy! Usually Japanese put it on the rice and eat with rice. But I like to eat Natto without rice, with whisky!

Finally, I have written that Natto is made of a various kind of beans, but 3 quaters of Natto sold in Japan is made of soy beans.

I attached a couple of photo is made of black soy beans. I prefer black soy beans to ordinary soy beans! It's more tasty than ordinary soy beans.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Shimesaba( vinegared mackerel)

Ordinary dinner in my home.

On the left: Spinach salad (ONLY spinach!)
Fish on the center: Shimesaba (vinegared mackerel)
Small bowl on the center: steamed vegetable(the name is "Chikuzen-ni")
On the right: deepflied filltes of white fish.

Have you ever tried vinegared mackerel in your place(see 2nd photo attached)?

I have never seen it in foreign countries.

I don't know exact way how to cook it but ,according to my mother,

1, Cut the mackerel into fillet.
2, Dredge a little bit of salt and keep it in the fridge for a couple of hours
3, Briefly wash the mackerel and dip it into vinegar completely for a half hours.

I love sour foods and spicy foods! So I like vinegared fish so much!

And it's important, "Shimesaba" is so cheap!

Do you know how expensive Sushi are!?

I think Sushi is much more expensive in foreign coutries but as far in Japan!

But Shimesaba is only 2 USD per package(includes a mackerel).

So I often eat it...

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007



I love this also. I don't know exact way to explain about it but like Korean BBQ in your hometown.

Sorry to attatch ugly photo coz I'm using ny cellphone to take a pictures.

Yakiniku is so popular in Japan and a lot of people's favorite dish.

1, you should order beer.
2, choose meat what you want to eat from menu list.
3, Raw meat will be serve.
4, Put them onto the electoric heater(charcoal heater) set on the center in every table.
5, take meat out of heater after meet will be cook and dip into sauce.
6, Enjoy!

Maybe you feel discusting to "Do It Yourself" but it's common in Japanese yakiniku restaurant.

If you like rare meet, you can keep meet on the heater for a short time period.

I can't go to yakiniku restaurant often because I have to spend much money.

Yes, I know that there are a lot of reasonable yakiniku restaurant but meat are not flesh and not soft in my hometown. So I don't want to go.

Hmmm, I don't have enough skills of impressing about the taste of Yakinku.

I need to learn English more....

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Monday, May 14, 2007


Needless to say, This is Sushi.

I think Japanese restaurants exists all over the world (include imitation Japanese restaurant) and most of them serve Sushi these days.

So, Have you ever eaten Sushi? And do you like it?

For me, Sushi is not my favirite. I think there are a lot of great cuisine with the exception of Sushi in Japan.

I will introduce it later.

I ate Sushi at Japanese restaurant in Australia, Thai, Philippines, and Hong Kong.

But none of them serve delicious Sushi. And So expensive!

In Japan, there are belt conveir Sushi restaurant and we pay for less than 2,000 JPY per 1 person.

This Sushi plate(photo attached above) is saled 2,000 JPY in supermarket and good for 3 or 4 people.

But this is much more delicious than Sushi in Japanese restaurant in Philippines.

I'm not sure but Japanese ordinary family go out for dinner in Sushi restaurant once in a month.

But I preffer to go to other restaurant to Sushi restaurant.

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Japanese whiskey by Oldest distiller "Suntory"

I described about Japanese whiskey a few days ago but I write about different one again.

This is Suntory "Kaku Whiskey".

Im not sure but I think there are 2 large distillers in Japan.

"Suntory" and "Nikka".

But these days, Suntory is much more popular than Nikka.

Suntory is the distiller dealing Whiskey and Brandy since 1937.

If you are expert of alchol, I guess you have ever heard about Suntory whiskey "Yamazaki".

It is a lot of international-award-winning whiskey.

I used to drunk American whiskey such as I.W harpar and Branton, but I prefer Japanese whiskey to them.

If you could found Japanese whisley in your hometown, you should take it and serve with ice and water with Sushi or other Japanese cuisine!

Don't forget, most of Japanese whiskey are made for being drunk with water. You can enjoy straight or "On the rock" but I recommend you to drunk with water.

FYI, "Suntory Yamazaki" costs about 5,000 JPY(about 40 USD) and "Suntory Kaku" and "Suntory Old" costs around 1,500 JPY(about 10 USD) in Japan.

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This one is also famous in Japan.

The name of the dish is "Udon".

Well, Udon is famous only in west Japan.

But tokyo and other cities located in east side in Japan, Soba is more popular than Udon.

I have already described about "Ramen" in this blog, Ramen shop and vender are located all over Japan because it is imported dish from China.

I lived in Kagawa pref. And Kagawa pref is known as a place has a lot if delicious Udon restaurant. So I used to eat Udon(everyday almost).

I have already left Kagawa pref., but I still like it.

I think people live in Kagawa pref eats more Udon than rice.

I love this too!

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Chanpon men

Does it look delicious?

It's one of my favorite noodles!

The name of the dish is "Chanpon men(just like hotchpotch)".

Thick noodle, cabbage, carrot, bean sprouts, shrimp, squid, sliced pork, and more.

The soup is made of bones of pork.

hmm.. I have neber eaten noodles tastes like this offshore but I think you can try it in Chinese restaurant in your place.

Why don't you try? And tell me how is it.

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Monday, May 7, 2007

Japanese whiskey

It is not a part of my dietary habit but I describe.

I usually drunk 2 cans of beer and 2 glass of whiskey.

But you know, People need some side dish or relish to make whiskey more delicious.

For me, I love sausage for beer and whiskey! Don't you like that combination?

In 2nd photo, you can see ready to cook sausage package in Japan.

Of cource it is product of Japanese food suplier but "Flavor of sausage bender in Germany" displayed on the top of the package.

Yes I know German sausage is one of most delicious in the world.But I have not ever been to Germany.

I like this sausage very much but I really want to try German sausage...

Does someone help me to find how to write dynamic writing in English?
I want to write it with (+_+) or something like that.

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These dishes were served last night.

lol..all of them are ready to cook and I didn't cook anything.

I didn't want to eat rice and I took beer.well dishes are

Chicken on white plate: grilled with butter and herb and boiled butter bean.

In the plastic case on the left: deepflied chiken

In the plastic case on the right: soy-bean and shrimp templa.

On the small bowl: very sour salad(the name is Sunomono in Japanese).taste like cucumber pickles.

And 2 cans of beer!

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Sunday, May 6, 2007


I had a trip to my friend's place for 3 days.

And I could eat a lot of delicious dish everyday there!

But unfortunately, I didnt take picture due to my cellphone's buttery.haha

This is the one of dish I ate in my friends place.

The name of dish is "Ramen". There are a lot of ingredients inside bowl.

Steamed pork, egg noodle, onion spring, bean sprouts, bamboo shoot, and soup made of pork's bone.

And this is my favorite noodle in Japan!

I wish I could explain well about taste and flavor in English.

Anyway, If youoppotunated to visit to Japan, don't forget to eat Ramen!

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Tuesday, May 1, 2007


This dish is local food in my uncle's hometown. Maybe guys lives in Tokyo have never eaten this dish.

Actually It's 2nd time for me to eat this in my life. But I like it(Maybe I like any noodles).

1, Prepare the electoric heater.
2, stirfly thin sliced beef and remove from heater after the beef colored brown.
3, Open the packed-noodle(ready to cook) and stirfly it.
4, After the noodle become hot, Add beef and dredge seaweed.

That's all we need to do. And dip it into sweet soy-sauce and eat.

Does someone help me to find how to write dynamic writing in English?
I want to write it with (+_+) or something like that.

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