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Wednesday, October 17, 2007



As I said before, agedashi-Dofu and Yu-dofu are my favorite dish using tofu.

Actually I don't like Hiyayakko(raw tofu) :p

Tofu(displayed as "dofu" sometimes) is bean-curd according to my dictionary, but I guess youguys have ever been to Japanese restaurant tried it already.

When I eat yudofu, I need to prepare 2 pan. 1 for boil tofu, and another for cook sauce.

Simply you just boiled tofu with hot water with konbu(seaweed broth) for a couple of minutes after boiling. tofu can be eaten as raw.

In another pan, pour a half cup of soy sauce, a quater of Mirin, and a quater of Japanese sake(if available. if not, use water instead) and Japanese instant buillon(not maggi!). Boil them toghther.

After damping a fire, add Katsuobushi(can't find in my dictionary. please google it) and chopped onion spring. Complete!

I ate it yesterday, and will eat it later. The sauce is so delicious :D

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