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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Being extremely busy due to job change ...:(

Will be back in 1 week. Let me apologize for inconvenience ..

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Raw liver(liver sashimi)

Raw river(liver sashimi)

Can you imagine how does this dish taste?

Generally qw can find it at Yakiniku restaurant. You can't find it at market. Freshness is important for eating dish like this.

Especially we like it as side dish for beer. Very thin sliced but taste strong.

I dip it into sesami oil, but dipping into soy sauce with ground ginger is preferable as well :)

You probably can find it at Yakiniku restaurant near your place.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Iwashi Mentaiko

Iwashi Mentaiko

Iwashi means sardine and Mentaiko is cod ovum according to dictionary.

Mentaiko is popular food in Japan but I have heard that it was imported from Korea. If you want to know more, please google it.

Head and bowel removed, and mentaiko put into abdomen.

Just purchesed at the market and grill on Pan by oil stove fire :p

I ate it for the first time but felt nice combination!

But I think it is pretty hard to eat in overseas...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Shimesaba( vinegared mackerel) #2

Shimesaba( vinegared mackerel) #2

I think I have already introduced in a long time ago :p

But I like it and can perchase at burgain plice if compared with Tuna sashimi, therefore I often take it in market.

I don't know the exactway how to make it, but usually sold in most of place where you can find sashimi.

If you find, try it with Japanese rice :)

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Simple Pasta

Simple Pasta

What I ate these days as side dish :)

Just stirfry bacon and garlic for a couple of minutes. Add pasta.

Simple but good side dish if I'm hungry.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Aji no Nanbanzuke

Aji no Nanbanzuke

One of popular wat cooking Aji(Japanese horse mackerel) in Japan.

Put a little bit batter(probably flour) and deepfry it till its cooked, remove from the oil and dip into sauce and keep in fridge for a couple of hours.

Sauce is mix of soy sauce, vinegar and sugar. add this sliced onion and chopped chili if available :)

Monday, December 3, 2007

Mabo harusame

Mabo harusame

This is an arange of Chinese Mabo series :p

I'm not sure what Mabo means in English, but we recognize it as red and spice something, flavor of Chinese spice.

I introduced about Mabo dofu before, so if you want to know about, please refer to the post.

Harusame is probably tight rice noodle. We put it into Nabe cuisine generally, but boil and stirfrying with sauce is delicious as well :D

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Maguro Natto

Maguro Natto

I'm not sure if I ever introduced about this strange(for foreigner) on this blog.

So if you don't know well about, please read this post.

I love it and have recommended to friend via weblog ever, but most of them can't accept :( Even if they are Japanese food lover..

Maguro Natto means Tuna and natto. In case of this, tuna is raw(as sashimi or sushi).

I think if you are reading this blog, probably you guys are intrested or like Japanese food. Including Tuna sushi(I think it is most popular Japanese food for foreigner).

I like Tuna sashimi as well, but natto make it better.

Just pour soy sauce as when you take tuna sashimi. Add wasabi if available :D

Friday, November 30, 2007

Sukiyaki and oil stove

Sukiyaki and oil stove

In Japan, there are oil stove set at home on this season anually.

Since top of the oil stove become hot, we gather around it and put pan onto and eat :)

Sukiyaki is one of most popula nabe cuisine in Japan as well as shabu-shabu or Kimchi nabe that I introduced before.

Stirfly this sliced beef with soy sauce and sugar, and put vegetables and boil them. Ingredients will be tasty coating with the fat of the beef.

We usually prepare sauce for each nabe cuisine, but in case of sukiyaki, we put in into raw egg. It is just like sauce for sukiyaki :p

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Miso Ramen

Miso Ramen

Not Tonkotsu but I also like this ramen :)

Have you ever tasted Miso soup? There are so many foreigner like Japanese food, but only few guys like Miso or Miso soup.

It it one of mosttraditional ingredients of Japanese cuisine so we like it.

Ramen was imported from China but Tonkotsu and Miso Ramen are developed by Japanese, I believe.

Note that the noodle are not same. For tonkotsu, tight noodles are used, for Miso, thick are mostly used :p

I don't think there are only few restaurant serve it in overseas :(

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Just a simple yakiniku at home

Just a simple yakiniku at home

I want to go to Yakiniku restaurant on every weekend but if do so, I can't save money to do what I want to do :(

If I can't bear, just buy cheap meat at market. After 6 PM, most of meats are discounted.

As I said before, I believe that sauce is important for yakiniku. So research which one is most delicious prior to going store :p

The meats from NZ was not bad, but sauce made it delicious. Japanese beef are delicious but sold at foolish plice.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Milk seafood noodle

Milk seafood noodle

lol I'm introducing strange food again :p

This is Nissin's latest line up "Milk seafood noodle".

If you know about Nissin's seafood noodle ever, you can imagine taste of this.

I think milk added to ordinary seafood noodle, and maintain taste and this one made up.

I love seafood noodle, and also Milk seafood noodle :)

I strongly recommend this to you. But I don't think you can find it in your countries yet(or never).

If so, just buy ordinary Nissin's seafood noodle at Japanese grocery and add a little bit milk.

A lot of Japanese like eating it as so.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Tuna Gyoza

Tuna Gyoza

I think you have never tried this one.

Most of you would know what is gyoza, because it is one of most popular chinese cuisine. "Dumpling" in English.

Usually, inside of skin that is made of flour, there are mix of ground meats and chopped vegetables. But my mum replace it into tuna.

Not raw tuna as sashimi or sushi, I think you can find canned tuna(with oil) in every coutries. That is used for this case.

pick up tuna block and break it into flakes, mix with chopped onion, add salt and ground black pepper for seasoning.

Grill like as ordinary gyoza for a couple of minutes.

I like to eat this diped into ponzu, but probably other sauce can be used for this.

If you are one of person like gyoza, you must try it. I'm sure it make you surprised and satisfied :D

Sunday, November 18, 2007



Yes, long time has passed by since last time, we finally could eat yakiniku yesterday :D

We went to reasonable yakiniku restaurant, so the meats are not soft, tasty but it made us satisfied.

We believe that taste of sauce is important for yakiniku, not as other sauce i.e tonkatsu hot pot.

They serve delicious yakiniku sauce at burgain plice everyday. Just 1.5 USD for a beer, 2.5 USD per 1 plate of any meat.

I wish I could go back there as soon as possible :)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Chanpo men


This is chanpon men that I intoroduced a long time ago :p

My favorite Ramen is Tonkotsu ramen, and the soup of Chanpon men are made by Tonkotsu soup.

Tonkotsu means bones of pork, crash them and boil for more than 12 hours with a various vegetables.

Chanpon men is add seafood into tonkotsu soup and boil together for a couple of minutes.

Generally, shrimp, squid, scalop are added.

Have you ever eaten Nissin's seafood noodle?

It is similar as Chanpon men that I sometimes order at Mmy favorite ramen restaurant :p

Can be found at every Japanese grocery in your country.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Saba no amazu

Saba no amazu

Saba is mackerel in English. Amazu is like sweet and sour sauce as you can imagine.

Simply batter mackerel and deepfry, and mix with the sauce.

I don't know if this sauce is original of Japan, but so popular. Every Japanese wives know how to cook it.

Just pour vinegar, soy sauce and sugar. After boiled for a couple of minutes, add potato starch to make it sticky.

Can be used for fried chicken, or pork. Chicken with sweet and sour sauce(Tori no amazu) is most popular in Japan :D

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Stirfried Pork and potato

Stirfried Pork and potato

Just easy side dish for beer last night.

I like fat of pork, because it is good combination with cold beer :D

I found guys drink beer with some side dish made by pork at every countries where I have ever been.

If I don't have any ingredient sin fridge, I just stifry thin sliced pork with salt and pepper, but this one is with potato.

It is served as french fry at burger shop near my home, but more thick than Mcdonald's french fry. I think both of them are french fry, anyway I like it :p

Stirfry them together and dip into Tonkatsu sauce with mustard.

Perfect for beer :D

This is yakisoba not as usual.

I think I have already wJapanese Yakisoba sauce,ritten about Japanese yakisoba before, but it may be brown color.

This one is white? Not taste of yakisoba sauce.

Called Shio(salt) sauce are used. These days it becomes popular for yakisoba.

When you try to cook Yakisoba someday and go to Japanese grocery, find various sauce similar, Otafuku sauce Ltd is recommended :D Biggest sauce maker in Japan.

Thursday, November 8, 2007



This is yakisoba not as usual.

I think I have already wJapanese Yakisoba sauce,ritten about Japanese yakisoba before, but it may be brown color.

This one is white? Not taste of yakisoba sauce.

Called Shio(salt) sauce are used. These days it becomes popular for yakisoba.

When you try to cook Yakisoba someday and go to Japanese grocery, find various sauce similar, Otafuku sauce Ltd is recommended :D Biggest sauce maker in Japan.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Expensive cheese

Expensive cheese

My mum had 5000 yen ticket can be used at mall yesterday, so we went to mall to buy some unusual sidedish and wine :D

So we bought mentaiko, sausage, cheese and red wine.

Mentaiko and sausage are as delicious as we ate, but this cheese is most delicious we have ever had! We both amazed with the texture and flavor and taste :D

The wine are OK, but it is too sweet for me :( So drunk beer with this cheese ;p

Friday, November 2, 2007

Chicken & tomato

Chicken & tomato

I don't know the exact name of this dish ;p but my mum sometimes cook this for my side dish.

Simple cut chicken breast into fillet and boile with canned tomato.

Seasoning are salt, pepper, sugar and ketchup and maggi.

Easy and fast food. Convenient for side dish for beer :D

Thursday, November 1, 2007



Well, November comes. In Japan, it's already on winter.

So Udon becomes my favorite noodle. It is better than Ramen when I want to make my body hot ;p

This is most simple udon, Kake-udon. Kake means pour.

Just boil udon and pour dashi onto it. So the taste of dashi is important for this.

On the udon, I add tenkasu, chopped onion spring, ground ginger and sesami.

It costs only 290 yen(2+ USD)! Much cheaper than Ramen.

Ramen is at least cost of 600 yen here and contains a little noodle, Udon is cheap and much :p

Monday, October 29, 2007



I dont know if "Ma-bo-Do-fu" is correct writting in English :p

But Japanese pronouce so.

There are a lot of instant seasoning package for this, but it is very simple and delicious.

First, stirfly garlic and ginger, add Toubanjan(chinese chili paste) and chicken soup(maggi can be use), salt and sugar.

Add Tofu and stirfly them for a while, and then add soy sauce and oyster sauce ad chopped onion spring.

Done! It is very good combination with Japanese rice :D

Saturday, October 27, 2007



This is absolutely my favorite Filipino dish :p

Both with rice and beer, I like Adobo.

Maid san used to work at my condo told me how and I memorize, but I can't cook as delicious as the one she cook :(

I think it because of the difference of vinegar..

I don't like beef in the Philippines because it is to hard to chew, but porl and chicken are as delicious as Japanese(or checken are even better).

Sometimes I cook Foreign dishes and they make me recall my memories where I was.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thai curry

Thai curry

Again, I ate thai curry ;p

Japanese curry are good if with rice, but if with beer, it is to thick.

The thai curry are good both with rice or beer!

So sometimes I cook it. so spicy but I love it.

I also went to Indian curry restaurant a week ago, it is great as well :D

There are some meat in curry, beef, pork, chicken are used often.

My favorite is chicken ;p Cheapest but delicious!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Katsuo no tataki

Katsuo no tataki

This is lightly roasted bonito. Not sashimi.

Japanese like to eat bonito as tataki, but I don't know why and disagree.

Bonito sashimi is my favorite sashimi. I also like tataki, but if so, It is not my favorite.

Today my mom brought back this from her place, said given by her coworker had a trip to Kouchi prefecture.

Her coworker recommend to eat it with salt, and I tried for the first time, but It is not delicious at all!

I think tataki should be served with ponzu, bonito sashimi should served with sliced garlic. Not wasabi for it, garlic is better :D

Monday, October 22, 2007

Delux Ramen

Delux Ramen

I love Ramen :D

I go to lunch to Ramen restaurant teice in a week,but I don't have money to order most expensive one :p

At most restaurant, Ramen are 500 yen to 1500yen.

So I usually order around 700 yen or 800 yen because cheapest one is too simple.

But yesterday, on holiday, I went out to new ramen restaurant and order delux ramen.

This contains double noodle, boiled egg, meat. So expensive.

It is first time for me to go there, but this ramen are really amazing!!

If you like tonkotsu ramen, you would go and enjoy there.

I have never seen foreigner like tonkotsu :p

Friday, October 19, 2007

Sanma kanzume

Sanma kanzume

Japanese are good at develop instant food. Such as Ramen, or frozen food.

But as well as them, canned food are also convenient are delicious in Japan :p

This one is canned Sanma Kabayaki.

Sanma is one of cheapest and delicious fish here. Kabayaki means "grilled with soy sauce and sugar".

You can find this in ebery Japanese groccery worldwide, eat it with Japanese rice :D

Wednesday, October 17, 2007



As I said before, agedashi-Dofu and Yu-dofu are my favorite dish using tofu.

Actually I don't like Hiyayakko(raw tofu) :p

Tofu(displayed as "dofu" sometimes) is bean-curd according to my dictionary, but I guess youguys have ever been to Japanese restaurant tried it already.

When I eat yudofu, I need to prepare 2 pan. 1 for boil tofu, and another for cook sauce.

Simply you just boiled tofu with hot water with konbu(seaweed broth) for a couple of minutes after boiling. tofu can be eaten as raw.

In another pan, pour a half cup of soy sauce, a quater of Mirin, and a quater of Japanese sake(if available. if not, use water instead) and Japanese instant buillon(not maggi!). Boil them toghther.

After damping a fire, add Katsuobushi(can't find in my dictionary. please google it) and chopped onion spring. Complete!

I ate it yesterday, and will eat it later. The sauce is so delicious :D

Monday, October 15, 2007

Character of Japanese snack

Character of Japanese snack

This is one of my favorite snack in Japan.

But I don't eat snack as snack but when I drink beer. Yes this one is best match for beer.

As you see on the package, this is taste of Endou-Mame. One of bean.

Don't you think the character displayed on the package funny?

I laughed when I saw it :p

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Traditional breakfast

Traditional breakfast

This is one of most popular combination of Japanese breakfast.

These days bread breakfast is also popular among young generations, but I prefer rice breakfast rather than bread, boiled egg and orange juice.

On weekday, since I have to wake up early so I don't eat breakfast(sometimes ochazuke only lol), but I love to eat like this on weekend.

Rice and Miso soup are necessary, I choose which fish I ate from various line-up.

I like sake(salmon), saba(chub mackerel), aji(Japanese horse mackerel), hokke, and yellowtail as grilled.

At this time, I ate saba.

If it's not enough, I bring Nori(seaweed), Tsukemono(pickles) or raw egg from fridge

probably the breakfast served at hotels in Japan looks like this. But if you prefer English breakfast, they will have it.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Salmon Sashimi

Salmon Sashimi

Oily and tasty taste andbeatiful texture it has.

I love all sashimi, especially oily fishes.

Yellowtail, tuna(not back side), salmon, yellowfin are my favorite. But cheapest is Salmon. Otherwise so expensive :(

we can find "save 50%" salmon sashimi after 6PM at market, so I usually perchase it :p

Salmon sushi is also great.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Instant Mentaiko Pasta

Instant Mentaiko Pasta

THese days, most of all convenience store sell instant Mentaiko pasta(Microwave cooking).

Sorry to attach dirty picture. I took mistake :|

If you come to Japan, and I think everyone will go to convenience store, take this and enjoy Japanese traditional(?) pasta :D

Remember, cut seaweed is always beside mentaiko pasta :)

Saturday, October 6, 2007



Well this is one of traditional Japanese food and girls learn how to cook at the first time in thier lives.

Simply just boil ingredients, but it is popular Japanese cuisine.

Have you ever heard about "Iron chef America" and Chef Morimoto?

I don't remember which channnel is the TV program broadcasted, but I saw it every week in the Philippines :)

The original is Japanese program "Ryori no tetsujin" and remaked in US and broadcasted as "Iron chef America". So we all know the system of the show.

Well, if you know Chef Morimoto's restauraqnt, you can go there and order Nikujaga with Matsuzaka beef!

I was so surprized when I heard about it, but maybe they still serves it there :)

At least, they had it when they opened the restaurant ...

Friday, October 5, 2007



This is nikuman and I guess you have ever seen it in your country.

I eat this for quick breakfast or snack when I'm in rush or drinving.

I don't know what is inside of the skin made of flour, but there are various Chuuka-man(means chinese bun or like that Nikuman belongs to it).

Nikuman is cooked ground meat and vegetables inside skin.

Anman is bean jam inside.

Curry man is Japanese curry inside.

Pizza man is pizza taste ground meat inside :p

You could see this everywhere in Japanese convenience store on winter.

Now Winter comes near, so they are beginning selling them. I love it ;p

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Agedashi Tofu

Agedashi Tofu

This is Agedashi tofu.

Agedashi means deepfry or something like that.

Tofu is .....tofu I hope you know that. I don't know how to say in English :p

Simply dredge a little bit potato starch onto tofu and deepfry it.

Sauce is Ponzu. Have you ever heard about it?

It is one of most popular sauce in JApan and each family has stock in their fridge.

It is made of soy sauce and sour liquid(i.e venegar, lemon juice, like that) and some other seasonings.

Various kinds of ponzu sold in the market in Japan, and we often use it for dishes.

I love Tofu, and this one and Yu-dofu are my favorites.

I will eat Yu-dofu twice in a week on winter, so I think I will introduce later :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007



OK, I begin blogging from now on, moving hosting account have done smoothly :)

This is "Nilaga" and not Japanese cuisine but Philippine cuisine.

Actually, it is my favorite Filipino dish. I lived there for 2 years so I think I have tried most of all Filipino dishes, I love some of them.

If you can find Filipino restaurant in your country, I recommend you trying Nilaga, Adobo, Pancit lomi, kinilaw(marinated tuna). They are my favorites.

The maid san worked at my condo told me how to cook nilaga, but I can not find most important seasoning for nilaga in Japan.

It was cold "Patis" in the Philippines, I think it is one of fish sauce.

Well so First you need to prepare potato, cabbage(chinese cabbage can be behalf), , beef or pork, maggy, black pepper, and fish sauce.

Boil all and add seasoning. Thats all :p

I will introduce some foreign cuisine that I experienced and still remembering how-to-cook sometimes.

I love them!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


I will move domains to another hosting account that includes images attached to this blog soon.
Therefore, images will be temporary unavailable to be displayed for a while, I think I will be back in a week :p

Wednesday, September 26, 2007



No need to explain if you ever come this blog :p

Ingredients are thin sliced pork, cabbage, carrot and soba and sauce.

I think Yakisoba sauce is unique taste of Japan, it is used for various dishes.

Okonomiyaki, Yakisoba, Tonkatsu and more...

If you see it at Japanese grocery in your country, you shoul try. Every Japanese like the sauce :)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Kimchi nabe

Kimchi nabe

"Nabe" means Hot soup and ingredients in pot.

There are various nabe in Japan, especially eaten on winter to make our body hot.

Kimchi nabe is one most popular nabe in Japan.

Ingresients are thin sliced pork, tofu, onion spring, chinese cabagge, and chive.

It's on autumn in Japan and winter in coming, I think most of post will be describing about nabe soon :)

Sunday, September 23, 2007



One of my faorite sidedish for beer, Yakitori!

Simply, break down chicken into each piece and grill on charchol fire.

This one is unpopular part of chicken(I don'T exactly know which part is it) so very cheap at market :)

Which part of chicken is expensive in your country? In Japan, Chicken thigh(I still unablte to pronounce this word) are popular and expensive, breast is almost a half plice of thigh.

I agree, thigh is juicy and delicious for any kind of cooking, brest are only used for deepfried.

For Yakitori, breast are not delisious at all. Thigh are most popular.

Butyou know, Chicken skin and Sunagimo(I don't know how to say in English) are also popular.

My favorite ingredients for Yakitori is chicken skin. Crispy!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Kanikama tempura

Kanikama tempura

First of all I need to explain what "Kanikama" is for you. I saw it in the Philippines and called "crab stick".

It is just like fish sausagethat tastes LIKE clab. Actually there are no club meats inside :p

Necause clubs are so expensive because it is so pupular among Japanese here, someone developed the way to try crab taste at a low plice.

We all are looking for eats on crab on Japanese resraurant on winter, but usually eat this at home.

As a ingredients of salad, is the way Japanese eats it usually, but we cook it into tempura :p

I tried it recently in th Philippines for the first time, and knew it is delicious and how crab stick should be cook!

Crispy and tasty, but remember that you need to buy expnsive crab stick if cook it into tempura. Cheap one is not good for tempura but as ingredients of salad.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Satoimo & baby squid Nimono

Satoimo & baby squid Nimono

Have I already described about nimono?

It is traditional cooking way for Japanese. "Ni" means boil up in English this time.

So what is the seasoning for boil up ingredients with?

Well, I am not sure you can get it in your country, you may need to buy dashi, soy sauce, Mirin, and Japanese sake(rice wine).

Just mix 3 cup of dashi, 4 tablespoon of soy sauce, 2 tablespoon of Mirin and Sake. If you like sweet, add more sake or mirin.

Now, you can begin boil up ingredients.

Most of begetables and fish can be cooked into Nimono, such as the combination of potato, carrot, burdock and chicken.

The above photo is Nimono of baby squid(less than 5cm) and Satoimo.

Satoimo is not delicious if not cook with seasoning, but it becomes great when boiled up with seafood :p

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mentaiko Pasta

Mentaiko Pasta

:p No need to explain. I have written about Mentaiko Pasta more than 3 or 4 times on this blog.

My and Most of Japanese's favorite pasta.

Pasta with cream or ketchup is most popular in your country isn't it?

Japanese absolutely favor Mentaiko Pasta :D

As dinner, lunch, or side dish for beer, it's anytime favorite to me!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Jumbo curry

Jumbo curry

Yesterday, I went to curry restaurant that reently opened.

They are dealing discunting curry fair for 1 month from their opening day, I knew it via TV.

The above photo is most expensive curry at the restaurant and costs 1500yen($12) usually, but we can eat it as 1000yen for now.

It contains 500g of steamed rice(too much for Japanese), 2 tonkatsu,2 sausage, 1 egg and 1 shrimp fry.

I ordered it and the staff brought it, and I said "Hey it is absolutely too much for me! Are they kidding me?" but, when I saw a man at the back of my table, he is eating curry same mine. So I realize it and begun eating.

Since leaving foods that YOU are the one order is rude in Japan, I ate it all of them. So I had heatburn all day long yesterday :(

Next time I go there, I will try smaller size. But unless the problem about ampount of rice, I don't think the curry totally better than other restaurant.

I recommend you to go to Indian restarant if you will come to Matsuyama city :p

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Instant pasta

Instant pasta

Well, Japanese are very good at developing instant and delicious food.

As you know, world first instant noodle are developed by Nisshin, Japan's most famous instant noodle supplier.

Cupnoodle series are popular among Asian coutries. I didn't see much Nisshin products in Thai, but so many in the Ohilippines.

I think more than 100 kinds of instant noodle made by Nisshin are sold in the Philippines.

Nisshin has instant Ramen,Yakisoba, Udon, and spagetti already, and all of them are delicious for me.

But these day, Nisshin launch instant Ramen and Pasta can be cook witout hot water!

Just pour a little cold water and put it in microwave, it willl be delicious pasta in 3 mins.

So I tried, but I prefer original that need be cook with hot water :(

But I think Nisshin improve the texture of noodle soon.

They do great jpb evrytime for us.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Kimchi udon

Kimchi udon

This is udon with kimchi.

Kimchi is Korean's original but so popular in Japan.

With rice, with yakiniku, with soup, gyoza and even with noodles, we like to put together.

Ingredients are kimchi, egg, onion spring, this sliced pork, and kimchi and udon.

A little bit spicy but I usually add much chili to make it more hot :p

Kimchi is so spicy in Korea but sweet in Japan. We cant eat very spicy foods :(

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Brief lunch

Brief lunch

This is luch that I cook by myself on weekend.

Well, I'm lazy to cook usually so go out for luch, but when I don't have much money to do it, I prepare at home.

The rice is always in rice cooker at mt home, so I just need to cook some dish and soup.

Miso soup is instant. Just tear package of mixed seasoning and dried tohu and seaweed, yakisoba is just need to be poured hot water.

Haha I just need to spend 5 minuets to prepare :p

Sunday, September 9, 2007



This is Katsudon. I think I have already introduced about "Katsu" or "Tonkatsu". They are same.

"Don" means bowl. In Japanese, every food served in bowl are names "xxxx-Don".

Here are example.

Gyudon ... thin sliced beef boiled with sweet soy sauce on steamed rice.

Tendon ... Tempura on steamed rice.

Oyakodon ... Chicken and half cooked egg on steamed rice.

Kaisendon ... Fresh seafood on steamed rice(or Sushi rice instead).

There are a lot of restaurant serves only "xxx-don" in Japan, workers goes there on lunch to eat quick and save money :p

Saturday, September 8, 2007



I don't know very well about food life of guys lives in Tokyo, but Imotaki is king of "Food of Autumn" in my hometown.

Since Japan has 4 beatiful season, most of vegetables has their unique season to be most delicious.

Imo is potato in Japanese, but some kinds of potato exists in Japan. Aroid is cooked into Imotaki.

In Japan, especially around my hometown, aroid become most delicious on Autumn, all of us enjoy Imotaki on autumn every yeah and realize that autumn comes.

I hate summer in Japan because it is too hot recently, I hope autumn comes soon :p

Friday, September 7, 2007

Bazil Pasta

Basil Pasta

Haha noodle comes again. I think I replace the title of this blog to "Noodle lover in Japan" :D

Recently I write blog with my cellphone but sometimes security pop-up appears to often. And any activity(writing, reading, editing) about blog is locked somehow.

I think Blogger take some countermeasure to fix it.

Well. It is Bazil Pasta for dinner. It didn't make me full but I want to be hungry soon again to drink beer :p

Now I'm getting tight than before ;p

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Curry Udon

Curry Udon

As I said before, I like curry.

Thai curry(thin curry) is best for me, but I think I prefer curry udon than that.

Simply, curry udon is curry withudon instead of plane rice.

Udon is not popular among people live in Tokyo, but I like any kinds of Udon.

But, as far as other Japanese cuisine, the most simple way is the best for us.

sometimes I really want to eat curry udon, but I choose ordinary udon for daily eating :p

I wrote it about a couple days ago, dashi udon is best for me.

Tempura make udon dashi oily and tasty :D

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hiyashi chikuwaten udon

Hiyashi chikuwaten udon

Hey I'm eating udon nearly everyday ;p

I thought the Autumn comes but summer still last.

When I feel hot, I cannot eat rice on lunch.

So I went to Udon restaurant.

"Hiyashi" means "cold"

"Chikuwaten" means "Chikuwa tempura"

you know chikuwa tempura is as good as other tempura but cost so cheap! So popular among guys don't like to pay much on lunch.

I ordered "Oomori" that means "double size" or "Large" to staff works there, but it still cost only 3US$.

It made me full and satisfied :D