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Monday, October 22, 2007

Delux Ramen

Delux Ramen

I love Ramen :D

I go to lunch to Ramen restaurant teice in a week,but I don't have money to order most expensive one :p

At most restaurant, Ramen are 500 yen to 1500yen.

So I usually order around 700 yen or 800 yen because cheapest one is too simple.

But yesterday, on holiday, I went out to new ramen restaurant and order delux ramen.

This contains double noodle, boiled egg, meat. So expensive.

It is first time for me to go there, but this ramen are really amazing!!

If you like tonkotsu ramen, you would go and enjoy there.

I have never seen foreigner like tonkotsu :p


Camemberu said...

Oh I love tonkotsu! It's my favourite ramen soup so far, better than shoyu or miso (shio is sometimes OK).

Not sure if you can get Kyushu Jyangara Ramen near your area. It's still the best I've tasted so far - photos on my blog here.

Chris said...

Wow, this looks really delicious.

Taro said...

Camemberu, me too! I actually don'T like shouyu or miso. Shio is sometimes so delicious, sometimes so poor. Depends on the place to eat :p
There are a lot of Kyushu Ramen restaurant(it means Tonkotsu in Japanese) near my home, but few of them can satisfy my toungh. I'm very strict to Ramen coz it's my favorite lunch!!

Taro said...

chris, yes this one is one of most delicious ramen Iv ever had :p
But Tonkotsu ramen has strong and strabge(for foreigner only) smell and thick with dirty color, not so popular among foreigners, But tastes amazing!!

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