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Friday, June 29, 2007

Satsumaimo & Chikuwa tempura

Satsumaimo & Chikuwa tempura

I ate it at dinner a couple of days ago.

What do you call the potato that has dark red skin in English?

It is called "Satsumaimo" in Japanese. Popular vegetable. "Satsuma" is the name of place that located in Kyushu island, Japan.

According to a dictionary I have, it may be "ocarina" but I thought it must be "sweet potato".

Isn't it right?

Anyway, most of vegetables are being cooked as tempura in Japan. But my favorite are pumpokins and these one Chikuwa tempura and Satsumaimo.

I have allready introduced a lot of vegetables on this blog, I will introduce about Chicken tempura later.

It is also one of my favorite tempura :D

Thursday, June 28, 2007


I am now organizing and reconstructing all images and scripts of my homepages and blogs in my hosting server. I will be back within 2 days. Sorry for inconveniece :(

Please visit later!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007



Simple dinner for tonight.

No rice but I drunk beer instead.

Fish that boiled with soy and sugar, okra, and pickled pumpkins.

Hold on, Pumpkin pickle!? Yes, it is.

Frankly, I tasted it first time but I don't like it :(

Other dishes are OK...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007



Does it looks NOT delicious?

This is "Okonomiyaki". Sometimes called Japanese pancake. We went to Okonomiyaki restaurant last Sunday.


Ingredients are cabbage, bean sprouts, flour, dashi, egg, udon or soba noodle, sauce(made of begetables and fruits), mayonnaise, seaweed powder.

I'm not sure and probably there are more ingredients inside.

What is important is hot electric plate set on each table in Okonomiyaki restaurant.

So we could eat hot Okonomiyaki till we finish. Have you ever heard about "Teppanyaki" in your country?

"Teppan" means electric plate and "teppanyaki" is one of the way of Japanese cuisine.

Okonomiyaki resturant serve same way for customers.

Most of Japanese worker likes to go to Okonomiyaki restaurant with their coworker and drink beer when business hours end.

I love beer when I am there :p

Monday, June 25, 2007

Sake no chan-chan yaki

Sake no chan-chan yaki

"Sake" means "Japanese traditional alcoholic drink". And probably it is popular in overseas as far.

But "Sake" also means "Salmon" in Japanese.

I don't know what "chan-chan yaki" means but I love it.

I can't cook the sauce of "chan-chan yaki" but there are instant sauce sold in Japan.

So I can cook it with no technic. How convenience it is!

Ingredients are salmon fillet, cabbage, thin sliced carrot, sliced onion, bean sprout and instant sauce(buy it in market).

And just stirfly begetabled and fillet of salmon. After they are getting cooked, open the package of sauce and add into pan.

The sauce has rich miso(fermented soybean paste) flavor, and a little bit sweet.

If you like salmon and miso, I'm sure you love this :p)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Shrimp tempura

Shrimp tempura

This is one of my favorite sidedish for beer.

We can cook it at home but pretty difficult to complete like that served in restaurant.

So it's better to buy not cook!

around 10 small shrimp and cost only 200yen.

I want to eat this every night but usualle sold out after 5 PM when I go to market:(

Friday, June 22, 2007



How often do you eat sheep meat? Or never?

In Japan, beef, chicken, and pork are most popular.

Sometimes we eat wild boar and sheep but not so popular.

This dish is called "Jin-gisu-kan" in Japan.

As usual, we bought instant package of it. Like this...

Includes sheep meat, bean sprout, carriot, peppers and sauce.

So we just need to put all to pan and stirfly for a couple of minutes.

Tastes like Yakiniku, but I prefer boar meat rather than sheep :p

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sushi beta

Sushi beta

This is "beta version" Sushi that is under contemplation in my mum's place.

She is working in market as chef so sometimes she brought some "beta version" foods :p

This one is delicious so will be launching selling at market soon. The ingredients are...

On the left : salmon caviar with green leaves.
On the top line from the left : eel with seaweed, lightly roasted salmon, Yellowtail, and mackerel
On the bottom line from the left : Boiled prawn, boiled squid, tuna

Now I want to eat Maki-sushi(Sushi-roll) :p

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Meals package

Meals package

My mum sometimes buy this in market when she doesn't feel like to cook.

It is not cheap but yes, 50% discounted when she goes to market:D

On the center area: Kimchi flavored Yakibuta(roast pork)
On the top area: Humburg stake with sweet sauce
On the right area: octopus salad
On the bottom area: deepflied sweet potato with sugar corting
On the left: oxtongue salad

I think this os good for 3 or 4. And cost only 1000yen(8 USD) in my hometown.

How convenience it is!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sushi sold in market

Sushi sold in market

I wrote about sashimi yesterday so it's time to introduce sushi that sold in market.

We often eat sushi as you think, but not in Japanese restaurant.

We can buy delicious sushi in supermarket so no need to go to restaurant.

This package is my mum's favorite so we usually eat this.

top line from the left; 2 tuna, 3 squid, and 2 salmon
middle line from the left; 2 bream, 2 sea urchin, 2 salmon caviar, 2 shrimp, 1 sacallop
bottom line from the left; 2 egg sushi, 2 prawn, and 2 eel

I think if I eat this in Japanese restaurant, I have to spend 5000yen(40USD) but this is sold as 2000yen(15USD) in market.

And what is important for sushi is soy sauce. Choose exepensive one to make sushi better!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Hirame(flounder) Sashimi

Hirame(flounder) Sashimi

This is how Sashimi sold in Japanese market.

Sashimi and garnishing(julienne radish, chopped onion spring, green leaves and ground chili).

Sometimes, raw fish block are sold but basically most of sashimi are sold as slices.

This package includes 10 slices of flounder and 680 yen(around 6 USD).

But remember, most of sashimi are 50% discounted after 6pm.

Flounder is not expensive fish here in Japan. Salmon, Squid, mackerel are as cheap as.

Bream, yellowtail, sea urchin are not cheap.

I think sea urchin are not so expensive in overseas. In the Philippines it was not expensive when I lived there.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Japanese curry

Japanese Curry

As I wrote in this post, I like curry.

I think curry like the picture is Japanese's original.

Ceartainly, Curry was imported from India, but developed by Japanese chef in Japan.

Hmmm I like both Indian curry and Japanese curry.

Japanese curry is mild and served with rice.

Indian curry is spicy and flavorful and basically served with bread.

I like curry flavor, so I often add curry powder into tempura flour. It's delicious as well!

Friday, June 15, 2007



I'm day off today and tomorrow :D

It's on rainy season in my hometown but sunny day today!

I just woke up just now.

And took breakfast as shown in the picture.

Steamed rice, seaweed, raw egg, stirfried potato and Miso soup.

I usually leave to office at 8AM on weekday, so I don't have much time to take breakfast.

I have a hangover in the morning because I drink whiskey everynight:(

Probably I am going to fishing today.

If I could get a lot of fish, I will introdude later!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007



This is Japanese confectionery.

Since I don't like sweet foods so I didn't try to introduce sweets.

But it is also Japanese dietarty habit, therefore, I will introduce about them with picture when my mum buy it.

I wish if I could tell what it is in detail.

On the left, bean jam inside and covered with rice dumpling with soy flour coating.

On thr right, dumpling inside and covered with bean jam.

Is that right to call it "bean jam"?

I saw a vender sold it in the Philippines(not Ohagi but something covered with bean jam).

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Indian curry restaurant

Indian curry restaurant

Today I went to Indian restaurnant.

In Japan, I think curry is one of most popular among kids.

How'w in your coutry?

Japanese kids' favorite are Hamburg steak, curry, pasta, and Omelet.

I liked curry as well, but now, coz I grow up, I don't like sweet curry(Japanese curry for kids are revamped into sweet).

Needless to say, Curry is original of India and there are lot of Indian restaurant exist in Japan.

So I go to Indian curry restaurant and eat real curry these days.

I like foreign foods!

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Monday, June 11, 2007

What I eat on lunch everyday

What I eat on lunch everyday

I usually work from 8 am to 5 pm so I have a break for a lunch.

Sometimes, when I am in a rush of deadline, I don't have enough time to go out for lunch.

So I have a lot of stock of Instant noodles in my office.

What is best for me and health is asking my mum to make packed lunch for me.

But you know she ask me 500 yen per one packed lunch!

As you see at above picture, there a lot of dish in the box and I like all of them.

What I want to ask my mum is discount the amount :(

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Spaghetti salad

Spaghetti salad

My mum like pasta because she cook dinner with ease if she has pasta:p

Just boil it and mix with some sauce or ingresients.

Today we ate pasta salad. Is it popular in other coutries?

Ingredients are

Pasta, tomato, lettuce, raw ham, vinegar, mastard, and black pepper.

I likw these foreign foods when I drink whiskey.

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Friday, June 8, 2007

Mentaiko Pasta

Mentaiko Pasta

In Japan, pasta is so popular but what kind pasta is most popular here?

Well, I think pasta w/ meat sauce, w/ garlic and chili, w/ creamy sauce are popular but not most popular.

"Mentaiko Pasta" is most popular in Japan!

I dont think you guys have already tried this in your coutries since Mentaiko couldn't be found overseas.

Oh, I should explain what is "mentaiko".

Please see this. ......I cut corners again:p

Mentaiko is great combination with white rice and other ingredients!

I think Mentaiko is imported from south korea but not sure..

Does anyone knows?

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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Chikuwa tempura

Chikuwa Tempura

It's one of my favorite tempura. Sorry I did tempura again..

I think most people like prawn tempura best. And Japanese also likes prawn, squid, or and fishes tempura.

I don't think Chikuwa tempura is not popular in Tokyo or other east side in Japan.

Oh, I should explain what is chikuwa first of all.

please see here. I can't explain well with my poor English skills.

When my mum cook Chikuwa tempura, she add seaweed or curry powder into tempura coating.

I think this way is original of my mum and I was used to eat it in boyhood still now.

Probably none of you foreigners have never tried this.

If you can buy chikuwa in your hometown, why don't you try?

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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Tempura Bowl

Tempura Bowl

I bought this for dinner tonight.

Just at 150 JPY(1 USD) :D

There are a lot of market in Japan and they begin bargain sale after 6 PM.

So most of Bento(a large variety of dishes packed together in a box) and Sushi box will be discounted.

Depends on a place and dish, 10% to 50% discouted.

This tempura - bowl includes shrimp tempura, butter bean tempura, lotus root tempura and squid tempura.

We have to prepare a lot of things to cook it in our home, but we can buy it at 1 USD.

Japanese attach importance to foods. So we sometimes have some trouble in foreign countries.

If you come to Japan, I think it's so hard to eat bad taste cuisine.

Try anything anywhere in Japan!

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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Yakiniku #2


I am so satisfied because I ate Yakiniku tonight.

As I wrote here, Yakiniku is one of most popular dish in Japan.

So here is menu tonight.

This is Yakiniku ticket that my mum was given by her sperior.

Electric Yakiniku heater is ready.

Do you know what is this? This is Kimchi that every Japanese eat with yakiniku.

These are sold as 1 set(combination) at burgain plice. So we don't need to choose meals from a large variety of menu.

Grilling... Meat are thin sliced so will be cook up to 1 or 2 minute.

Finish eating.

I'm glad to go back there but once in 1 week is too much for stomach and health since yakiniku is high cholestrol food.

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Monday, June 4, 2007

Tai(sea bream) Sashimi

Tai(sea bream) Sashimi

Is that right that I call this fish as "sea bream"?

I fish this one in Australia and an German taught me this is "sea bream" in English.

I'm not sure..

Sea bream is one of most expensive fish in Japan, and Japanese eats it on some legal holiday or someone's marrige celemony or birthday.

But we also eat it on ordinary day.

What is best sashimi for me is probably yellowtail or salmon.

I like sashimis that smell fishy and oily.

When I eat delicious sashimi, I thank God that I am born as Japanese!

When I eat spicy food in Thai, I wish I could born as Thai.:(

Am I selfish?

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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Instant noodles

Instant noodle

These days, valious instant noodles are sold in every mall and convenience store in Japan.

Therefore, food suplier have to keep making effort to improve taste of them to last in the industry.

1 out of 10 will last, 9 out of 10 will can't.

I was used to eat instant noodle before I move to the Philippines, and I knew very well about them. But 2 years later, when I came back to Japan, most of instant noodles are new for me.

Today, I introduce how Japanese eats instant noodles.

I bought it in a convenience store at 200 yen(1.5 USD)

Open the cap and you can see a couple of plastic bags of seasoning.

Follow the instruction displayed on the cap or bowl, dredge seasoning onto noodles(how-to-cook depends on the instant noodles you bought).

Waiting..... I prepared seaweed,sesami seeds, and chili pepper from cabinet.

Done! I added seaweed, sesami seeds and chilipepper.

I think this one is delicious, but it will be disappear from market place soon(again, 90 % of instant noodles cant last).

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Potato tempura

Potato tempura

Tempura again.

I think I eat tempura twice or 3 times in a week these days.

As I described, I often eat vegetable tempura.

Next time I will introduce Pumpkin tempura. It is my favorite vegetable tempura.

I was used to eat it in Philippines cooked by myself, and my all of my friends said "Yummy!" when they eat it.

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Friday, June 1, 2007


Dinner on 31th May

As usual but there is sashimi on the table!

Salmon sashimi on the bowl. Maybe you can recognize which is salmon.,

With Ikura, Salmon sashimi become more delicious and looks great!

And sausage, gratin.

I like gratin but I don't know how to cook.

But here in Japan, gratin sauce is sold in every supermarket.

You just need to add potato and cheese. And grill it in the oven.

You can eat delicious gratin without any labor hour and technic!

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Introducing my favorite blog


Have you ever been to Japan? And How did you experience about Japan?

Today, I added Philippine girl in Tokyo to my favorite list!

This blog is written by a "Philippine girl" lived in Japan.

Still now she writes very interesting post for someone have some experience in Japan or being interested as well.

If you are, why don't you visit her blog and post comment or advise?

For more info, go to http://www.dietmodificationsinjapan.com