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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Yakisoba with soup

Yakisoba with soup

As I described many times, I like noodles so much!

There are a lot kind of Yakisoba in Japan, this one is latest style yakisoba.

I just need to buy package of Yakisoba that includes deepfried soba(noodle) and soup.

There are some begetables in flidge always, so I just add it.

Usually Yakisoba doesn't contains soup, but this Yakisoba have a little bit soup. IT makes noodle more tasty and smell so good :p

I drink too much whiskey these days, noodles cure my stomach! Easy to cook, easy to eat, and delicious!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Una juu

Una juu

Have you ever try this one?

This is Una juu. "broiled eel served over rice a lacquered box" according to my dictionary.

It is one of most popular and expensive cuisine of Japanese.

I also love this cuisine so much :p

We believe eel cure our tired, so recommended to be eaten especially on summer.

Today the day of eel cited by Japanese government, so my mum took it.

Eel doesn't looks good(yucky?) but so delicious if cooked as Japanese style!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pi-man no nikudsume

Pi-man no nikudsume

Am I correct that I spell "Nikudsume"? Im not sure.

Pi-man no nikudsume means "meats in green pepper".

Acutually I don't like green pepper because it is bitter and smell a little bit of strange.

But if it is cooked into this way, I like it :p

Simple to cook. Just mix ground pork and beef and add salt and pepper, and put it into pepper and grill on the pan.

Great combination with beer!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saba Makizushi

Saba Makizushi

I think sushi is popular among foreigner, but I don't think this one is popular.

As there are a lot kind of sushi here in Japan, what is most popular?

Tuna? or Salmon?

Those sushi served in Japanese restaurant in overseas, and expensive.

In Japan we eat other fish when we don't have enough money to go to Sushi restaurant.

Aji and Saba are one of most fish as ingredients of reasonable sushi.

In English, they are Japanese horse mackerel andchub mackerel according to my dictionary.

The photo I attached is Saba Makizushi.

It is reasonable and delicious :p

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Kabocha Salad

Kabocha Salad

Kabocha is pumpkins(or should I say squash?) in English.

As you cook mashed potato salad, this is same how to cook.

When we cook mashed potato salad, we put mashed potato, sliced oninon, sliced bacon, and chopped carrot and some other begetables in flidge. Seosoning are salt, pepper, mayonaise.

Used mashed pumpkins instead of potato, you can cook kabocha salad.

I like kabocha more than potato, so I like this salad ;p

Wednesday, July 25, 2007



This is Soumen. One of traditional noodle in Japan.

As you see Udon here, soumen is very tight noodle if compare with Udon.

Suace is same. Flavor of Dashi and soysauce.

Usually, we put sesame seeds and ground ginger into sauce to make it better.

Chopped onion is also good for soumen sauce.

Due to unbearable hot climate on Juky and August in Japan, we prefer cold noodles rather than ramen or ordinary cuisine.

But when I was Philippines, where has more hot climate than Japan has, all of my Filipino friends said that they have never eaten cold noodles :(

But when I recommend it to them once, they say "Yummy!". Especially the maid works in my condo love this and cold Soba :p

Monday, July 23, 2007

Tori no Misoyaki

Tori no Misoyaki

This is Tori no misoyaki.

I think you have ever heard about Miso. Yes, it is used for Miso soup that is served in Japanese restaurant.

Miso is also used to be cooked as sauce in Japan. This is chicken grilled with Miso sauce.

Sauce is simpley made of miso, mirin, sugar and soy sauce.

This sauce can be used for grilled fish. It is delicious as well!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Yakitori w/o stick :p

Yakitori w/o stick :p

Yesterday, I really want to eat yakitori, but I had no money to go to yakitori restaurant this month because I bought new cellphone..

So I decided to cook it by myself.

In Yakitori restaurant, sticked diced chicken are grilled on charchol fire. But I don't have stick or charchol in my home :(

I thought that "I can't eat yakitori" and disappointed, so I cook yakitori "w/o stick" and grilled on pan NOT charchol fire.

But it was good! I have never done like that but I made conclusion that yakitori could be eaten at home! How-To is just dice chicken and dredge salt and pepper.

You see the small red-capped bottle on first picture, it is ground red chili pepper. Every Japanese have there own at home, and dredge it on a large variety of dishes. Called "Ichimi" or "Shichimi" in Japanese.

Dredge like this,

When I lived in the Philippines or in Thai, it was always in stock on the cabinet :p

When you tried to cook yakitori at home, buy this at Japanese store together :p

Friday, July 20, 2007

Today's Ebi tempura

Today's Ebi tempura

I tried to cook Ebi tempura well. Ebi is shrimp in English.

I bought instant mixed tempura batter and add water and ice into bowl.

Shrimp need to be dredged salt and pepper prior to be coated.

I attach one more picture. see,

You see tempuras on the right, these are with thick(much powder and few water as batter) tempura batter.

On the left, those are with thin(less powder) batter.

I prefer thin batter rather than thick, but my mum said thick one is more tasty.

I need to learn more about it.

It's OK but not as well as the one served in renstaurant :(

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Aji fry

Aji fry

This is Aji fry in Japanese. Aji is Japanese horse mackerel according to my dictionary.

Batter is same as Tonkatsu.

But actually I bought it as frozen with batter. So I don't need to do the discusting procedure. Just need to be taken from freezer and deepfryid.

When I don't have any sausage, ham, or meat, I deepfry it and eat with whiskey :p)

Don't forget to serve this with bulldog sauce :D

Wednesday, July 18, 2007



This is Yakitori, Grilled sticked-meat on charcoal fire.

"Yaki" means Grill, "Tori" means chicken.

There are large variety of ingredients cooked into Yakitori. Vegetables, seafoods, and meats, but you know, everything that sticked and grilled on the charcoalfire is "Yakitori" in Japan. Vegetables and seafoods are also.

These yakitori are pork and chicken.

From left, thick sliced pork, skin of chicken, and diced chicken.

You can choose sauce for them from sweet sauce(just like teriyaki sauce) or salt and pepper.

I prefer salt taste rather than sweet sauce.

Good combination with beer.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Home made tempura

Home made tempura

Does it looks delicious?

That's what I ate at dinner a couple of days ago.

Combination of my favorites :D

  • Chikuwa tempura with seaweed-tempura-coating.

  • Crab stick tempura.

  • Sweet potato tempura

Tempura coating is crispy and soft ;p

But now I want to eat tempura of seafood...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Japanese traditional breakfast

Japanese traditional breakfast

Have you ever been to Japanese restaurant at hotel in the morning?

If you stay at hotel in Japan, they will ask you which do you prefer from Japanese style breakfast or Western style.

In most case, "Japanese breakfast" that served in Japanese hotel are configured with Plane rice, Omulet, Grilled fish, and Miso soup.

If you want more, they will serve Nori(seaweed) or Nattou.

So It could be most traditional configuration of Japanese breakfast.

These days, especially young generations eat bread and ham-egg and orange juice(is it traditional western breakfast? I think so ;p) as their breakfast. But I prefer Japanese style rather than Western style.

Fish can be replaced into mackerel, Brevoort, ribbon fish and any reasonable fish. Expensive fish such as sea bream, yellow tail, tuna are also delicious but served on dinner.

Miso soup is also important for Japanese. Today's miso soup is made of Sweet potato and this sliced pork.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Horumon Yaki

Horumon Yaki

This looks like yakiniku? Yes, it is one of dish served in Yakiniku restaurant.

But meat is "Horumon". Horumon means innards.

We eat most of all innards of beef, such as tongue, heart, liver, bowel, lung and more.

Tongue and bowel are most popular. I like both but I don't like liver yakiniku.

But I love raw liver :D Can you eat it?

I don't need to go to Yakiniku restaurant to eat them. I can buy delicious Horumon in the market.

Like this. It is packed with sauce so I just need to stirfry with onion spring.

It is also great combination with beer :p

Friday, July 13, 2007

Chicken cutlet

Chicken cutlet

Chicken cutlet is also popular in Japan.

I think it was imported from Europe a long time ago.

"Crispy and soft" is most important when Japanese cook cutlet.

And for sauce, Bulldog tonkatsu sauce is best :D

Please check this post to know about bulldog sauce.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Potato chips salad

Potato chips salad

This is a salad that my mum cooks sometimes.

Salad with POTATO CHIPS! Is this way popular in your country?

Just shred lettuce and chop onion spring in the bowl, and add potato chips at last.

Sauce is black pepper, soy sauce and squeeze of lemon. That's all.

It's simple but delicious :D Particularly kids love this.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Chicken Ham

Chicken Ham

Hmm Ham and sausage are very good for whiskey :D

This is chicken ham. it doesn't contain much fat, so it could be healthy.

Whiskey is high cholesterol drink, so I need to take care of stomach and liver :(

We usually souse mayonnaise and dredge Japanese dried chili pepper when we eat ham or sausage.

Mastard is also make good combination with meat ;D

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ankake Yakisoba

Ankake Yakisoba

Today I introduce one of my favorite noodle in Japan.

This is ankake yakisoba. I introduced yakisoba here, but this one is different from it.

"Ankake" is important. It means "with sticky soup".

Stirfry noodles and put it in the plate, and souse sticky soup over fried noodle.

The sticky soup is made of maggy broth and vegetables and seafoods. Add potato starch finally to make it sticky.

I prefer Ankake rather than ordinary yakisoba :D

Noodles are popular in Asia, I like all of noodles that I have ever eaten in Asia!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Nattou Maki

Nattou Maki

This is nattou sushi roll.

If you don't know about "nattou" please check this post.

"Maki" means "roll" in English. So Nattou Maki means sushi roll with Nattou.

Ordinary sushi is "Nigiri-sushi". "Nigiri" means "grip".

There are a lot of fresh fish and other things to be cooked into sushi in japan.

But you know, some of Japanese children don't like raw fish like that foreigner do.

I didn't like raw yellowtail when I was child because it is so oily(now, I love it).

So there are a large variety of sushi that doesn't made by fish in sushi restaurant in Japan.

Such as, Chicken teriyaki, Yakiniku, Humberg steak, Prawn tempura, omulet(all of them are put onto rice and cooked into sushi!) and other ingredients depends on a place.

So everyone can enjoy their time in sushi resturant in Japan.

Sunday, July 8, 2007



This is one of Japanese traaditional ingrtedients for Nimono(steamed food)

Hijiki is the name of a kind of seaweed.

For more details please see this page.

I don't think these kind of dishes are not popular in overseas.

How to cook is boil hijiki, sour prum and anything you like(fried tofu added in this case) with soy sauce and Japanese Dashi.

No one say "How delicious it is!" in Japan, but every Japanese knows it and recognize it as traditional foods of Japan.

Saturday, July 7, 2007



My mum cooked Ramen for tonight.

Just bought instant ramen that includes deepfried noodle and powder.

It is so simple. So we need to put vegetables and meat by ourselves. Not includede in the package of instant noodle.

So we usually put onion spring and sliced pork for instant ramen.

I ate it in overseas and some of them are delicious, but, noodles are not as good as Japanese one(soup is so delicious!).

I think you guys lives in Asia can easily find Korean "Shin noodles" in your country. I was used to eat it in the Philippines.

The noodle of Shin noodle is great. I want to eat it again :D

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Nori(seaweed) snack

Nori(seaweed) snack

This is snack that I like to take with beer :D

Japanese love drinking beer on summer. Not whole year.

This is on rainy season in Japan and will be over soon, and summer will come.

I like sausage to take with beer, but it's discussting for me to cook it :p

So I just open the package of this snack and eat.

Oh I should explain how does it taste!

Just like deepfried seaweed with coating(similar way to cook tempura) and dredge wasabi powder.

There are a lot of snack that has wasabi flavor in Japan, and we love it :P)

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Bonito sashimi

Bonito sashimi

Today, I introduce my FAVORITE sashimi on this post.

It is bonito.

Bonito is easy to go bad, so it's pretty hard to eat comletely fresh bonito sashimi in the city far from sea.

I live in Matsuyama city among Setouchi-sea and pacific ocean, so we can!

Usually, Sashimi is served with grean leaves and some garnish, but bonito sashimi is served with julienne or chopped garlic in my hometown.

It is important. If without garlic, bonito sashimi is not my favorite. Yellowtail or salmon sashimi would be my favorite.

Someday, when I go to Japanese traditional restaurant("Ryotei" or "Kappou"), I will introduce lobster sashimi :D

Tuesday, July 3, 2007



As I wrote already, my mum often cook pasta because of ease of procedure :p

And I eat it as relish with whiskey.

Healthy and delicious. This pasta is .... I don't know the name.. :O

Tomato, okra, bacon,salt and pepper.

I want to visit Italy to eat pasta someday :D

Monday, July 2, 2007



Karaage is Japanese style flied chicken.

One of most popular dish among beer lover and children :D

I think flied chicken is popular in most of coutries but how-to-cook depends on a place.

This is how Japanese style.

1, Cut chicken thigh(boneless).
2, Prepare coating. Mix flour, egg, salt and pepper,ground ginger and garlic, Japanese rice wine and baking soda.
3, Put chicken into coating and put it on a flidge for 1 hour.
4, Pick up them and dredge potato starch and flour.
5, Deepfly them!

It's simple. My mum cook it once in a week because we like it.

I like KFC's flied chicken drumstic but boneless Karaage is also delicious!

Sunday, July 1, 2007



This is Japanese fried noodle.

Just simple. Ingredients are egg noodle, cabbage, onion, sliced pork and sause.

Put pork first into the pan, and add all after pork is cooked.

I have already introduced Okonomiyaki, the sauce for Okonomiyaki and Yakisoba are same.

Seafood yakisoba is also popular in Japan. Put squid, shrimp, and scarop insted of pork.

But for me, Yakisoba package(A package includes soba and sauce.) is enough. We can also buy instant Yakisoba(Just pour hot water) in market.