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Saturday, October 6, 2007



Well this is one of traditional Japanese food and girls learn how to cook at the first time in thier lives.

Simply just boil ingredients, but it is popular Japanese cuisine.

Have you ever heard about "Iron chef America" and Chef Morimoto?

I don't remember which channnel is the TV program broadcasted, but I saw it every week in the Philippines :)

The original is Japanese program "Ryori no tetsujin" and remaked in US and broadcasted as "Iron chef America". So we all know the system of the show.

Well, if you know Chef Morimoto's restauraqnt, you can go there and order Nikujaga with Matsuzaka beef!

I was so surprized when I heard about it, but maybe they still serves it there :)

At least, they had it when they opened the restaurant ...


Anna Pesut アンナ ピースーット said...


I will post the English translations so you can help me fix the lyrics! :] Thanks!


It has meat and potatoes in it, right? Because "niku" means "meat" and "jagaimo" means "potato". :] Is that right?

Taro said...

Yeah you are right!
You are getting very well in Japanese language :)
I will try my best to translate your lylic :D

Camemberu said...

I just made niku jaga today! It's very similar to beef stew but with the addition of sugar and mirin. So it becomes a rather sweet dish.

Curiously, is the beef normally sliced thinly or in thick cubes for this dish?

Taro said...

Usually, we use thin sliced cheap beef are used for nikujaga. It is traditional Japanese cuisine that is eaten over 50 years since when Japan was poor coutry ;p
Check out Iron chef Morimoto's nikujaga recipi here . He tried to make it modern Japanese cuisine.

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