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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Hangaku Salmon

Hangaku Salmon

Today I introduce Japanese important language.

It is "Hangaku". Have you ever heard it?

It means 50% off. You can see a yellow seal on wrap, there are kanji character of "Hangaku" displayed.

This salmon sashimi cost $3 usually, but if I can find yellow seal, the amount is $1.5 :p

After 5PM, You can see a lot of the seal in fresh fish area at supermarket.

There are various seal for promoting, 200yen Off, 300yen OFf, 30% Off etc..


Christen said...

Salmon sashimi is my favorite.

That's quite cheap. Sushi and sashimi in America is very expensive. If and when I travel to Japan I'll make sure to buy food at the market after 5pm, haha.

maria said...

In kitasenju we always buy packed fish in Topos. There is fresh salted salmon there being sold for 80yen each. Each cut is big so thats why it is cheap.

In Ueno, I had been in their wet market. Same like the wet market in the Philippines.


Margaret said...

Seal? It looks pretty good! I have never tried seal.

I am preparing a short speech in Japanese and I was wondering if this is the correct way to say, "I'm excited to be in Japan":

Tanoshimishitimusu Nihon no naka ni desu.

Taro said...

Hi Christen
Really? Salmon is one of cheapest fish in Japan, but we like it!
As grilled salmon fillet for brealfast, sashimi or sushi is for dinner, salmon is popuolar among Japanese.
If you are interested in Japanese food, I recommend you to come to coutry side in Japan. Everything is expensive in Tokyo :p

Taro said...

Hi Maria
I know that salmon is so expensive in yout country :( I bought bangus or tirapia instead :p
Each land has their unique delicious fish :D

Taro said...

Hi Margaret
Hmmm It's not correct.

If you mean to say so, "Nihon ni iku node wakuwaku shitemasu" may be correct.

Why don't you add forum about Japanese language on your website? If I and American who are good at Japanese help you together, the answer will be perfect :D

Margaret said...

Yeah, a language forum is a good idea, maybe I will add one soon.

Thanks you so much for the pictures. It was hard to find picture on the internet, but those are beautiful. :)

Taro said...

Because I someitimes misunderstand what exactly you meant to say. If I was told completely, I can provide perfect translation :)
There are a lot of saying habit(just like template) in Japan per each case , I think I can help on your wat to it coz Im Japanese:D