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Sunday, August 12, 2007



I'm not sure how can I call this pasta.

This is stirfried pasta with garlic, chili, and bacon.

I ate this one for lunch today, I'm so hungry now (7pm in Japan).

Noodles can't make me full for a long time.

This is always one of most popular pasta in Japan, I think it because the ease of the procedure.

I don't need to prepare knife. Just tear ingredients and stirfry with pasta.


I will leave for a short time trip to my friend's place for about 5 days. I'm not yet sure when I will come back.

After I waste all of my money, I will be back :p)

I'm not sure that I can visit your blog or reply comment. Thank you for your understanding!

This is side dish with beer last night.

It's simple. There are humbulg steak sold in market, we just need to buy them.

Usually, "save 50%" seal are put after 6om. so it costs 50 cents per each.

If you like it, you can grill it and take.

But I prefer this small meat ball rather than humbulg steak.

So I mix all 4 humbulg steak and pug them. Dredge a little bit potato starch and depfry them(not grill).

And then I dip them into soy sauce and Japanese Karashi(mastard) sauce.

Great combination with beer, but it is popular among kids :D


Christen said...

I've always preferred rice over noodles/pasta. I'm not sure why, haha.

Have a good time at your friends.

maria said...

Well, it is Obon this week.
Do you go to somewhere?


Taro said...

Hi Christen

I'm back now. Will begin blogging tomorow :D

Taro said...

Hi Maria
Yeah It was obon in Japan for abour 10 days.
I went my friend place Takamatsu city :p

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