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Friday, August 3, 2007

Yakiniku at home

Yakiniku at home

I am so satisfied because I ate Yakiniku just now :D

Usually, we go to Yakiniku restaurant to eat Yakiniku, but I cook Yakiniku by myself at home. Meats are sold in market.

Needless to say, Yakiniku restaurant serves great meats such as Kobe beef and they are much more delicious than meats sold in market, but we can buy standatd meats at market like this

Large variety of meats packed together, good for 3 or 4, and cost just $9!

Because... do you see yellow seal on the plastic cap ??? lol.. it displays "Save 300 yen". yes, it was discounted.

This is what we use for grill meats as yakiniku at home on the table, so we could eat hot meats those are just removed from fire.

Cooking... it's simple :p grill begetables. it will protect your stomach from fat.

Enjoy! Dip into the sauce and eat them!

Take Kimchi if available ;D


maria said...

Hi Taro!!!!

I wanted the buy the hotplate you used in grilling. I will try find it in SM ...


Christen said...

You really want to use that picture on your cellphone? I marked my name on it already. But yes, you have my permission. :)

That looks delicious. I haven't had this in a very long time. My friends and I were talking about going to a Korean BBQ restaurant, which is similar to yakiniku.

Taro said...

Hi Maria
If you don't find it at SM, I know you can find it in Rustun's or Rockwell. It makes our dinner more fun and delicious!

Taro said...

Hi christen
Thanks for your permission! I will set it as wallpaper.

Yes, Yakiniku is korean BBQ and korean original, but Japanese fall in love with the great way to eat meats and developed by us!

It is as popular as Sushi in Japan :p

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