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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rei Shabu

Rei Shabu

This is Rei Shabu in Japanese.

Have you ever tried Shabu-shabu in Japanese restaurant?

I think it is one of most popular Japanese traditional cuisine.

It is lightly boiled meats in Shabu-shabu pan on thr dining table, not in kitchen.

So we boil meats by oneself with our chopstics and dip into sauce and take.

I will introduce it on upcoming winter. Japanese love to eat shabu-shabu on winter to make our body warm.

Today we ate REI-shabu. shabu is qoated from Shabu-shabu and REI means cold.

That is made of lettuce and thin sliced pork that is lightly boiled and cold in icing cold water.

That's how Japanese eats shabu-shabu on summer :p


maria said...

Yes I have tried shabu shabu and I love its soft beef. In the Philippines, beef is so rubbery and so hard. But there are shabu shabu chains which offers soft one. I wonder what kind of beef is it?

Taro said...

my past boss in the Philippines sometimes took me to Shabu shabu at Pasay load. What my boss eat there was Matsuzaka beef but most of Japanese restaurant serve Australian beef instead.

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