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Friday, September 7, 2007

Bazil Pasta

Basil Pasta

Haha noodle comes again. I think I replace the title of this blog to "Noodle lover in Japan" :D

Recently I write blog with my cellphone but sometimes security pop-up appears to often. And any activity(writing, reading, editing) about blog is locked somehow.

I think Blogger take some countermeasure to fix it.

Well. It is Bazil Pasta for dinner. It didn't make me full but I want to be hungry soon again to drink beer :p

Now I'm getting tight than before ;p


maria said...

hahha yes are really a noodle lover... hey !!! what is the green stuff srinkled over ur pasta?


Taro said...

It is Bazil leaves. I dont know "Bazil" is English or not.
One of herb popular in Japan.