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Sunday, September 9, 2007



This is Katsudon. I think I have already introduced about "Katsu" or "Tonkatsu". They are same.

"Don" means bowl. In Japanese, every food served in bowl are names "xxxx-Don".

Here are example.

Gyudon ... thin sliced beef boiled with sweet soy sauce on steamed rice.

Tendon ... Tempura on steamed rice.

Oyakodon ... Chicken and half cooked egg on steamed rice.

Kaisendon ... Fresh seafood on steamed rice(or Sushi rice instead).

There are a lot of restaurant serves only "xxx-don" in Japan, workers goes there on lunch to eat quick and save money :p


maria said...

I love katsudon...!!! But here in the Philippines, I cannot find the best Japanese restaurant which offers the best katsudon in town. They taste very different.


Taro said...

Yeah I have never been to restaurant that serves delicious katsudon in Makati. I think you should go to Yoshinoya to try Katsu.