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Sunday, September 23, 2007



One of my faorite sidedish for beer, Yakitori!

Simply, break down chicken into each piece and grill on charchol fire.

This one is unpopular part of chicken(I don'T exactly know which part is it) so very cheap at market :)

Which part of chicken is expensive in your country? In Japan, Chicken thigh(I still unablte to pronounce this word) are popular and expensive, breast is almost a half plice of thigh.

I agree, thigh is juicy and delicious for any kind of cooking, brest are only used for deepfried.

For Yakitori, breast are not delisious at all. Thigh are most popular.

Butyou know, Chicken skin and Sunagimo(I don't know how to say in English) are also popular.

My favorite ingredients for Yakitori is chicken skin. Crispy!


西瓜男 said...

I love yakitori too !
BTW, Sunagimo is Gizzard in English.
It sounds stupid but I thought it is "sand-liver" which is direct translation of Sunagimo. But I googled it and found following page.

Gizzard... I don't know if I have a chance to use the word again.

Taro said...

Thank you so much to telling me!
I looked it up with my dictionary but couldn't find :p
There are many Japanese restaurant in the Philippines but none of them serve delicious Yakitori. Just expensive :(

maria said...

we call sunagimo in the Philippines as balun-balunan. Very hard part desyou?

i dont like it.. i like breast and thigh in chicken


Taro said...

Yeah I saw vender sell Sunagimo in the Philppines :)
Japanese Sunagimo are not so hard! A little bit hard but beatiful texture yum

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