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Monday, September 17, 2007

Jumbo curry

Jumbo curry

Yesterday, I went to curry restaurant that reently opened.

They are dealing discunting curry fair for 1 month from their opening day, I knew it via TV.

The above photo is most expensive curry at the restaurant and costs 1500yen($12) usually, but we can eat it as 1000yen for now.

It contains 500g of steamed rice(too much for Japanese), 2 tonkatsu,2 sausage, 1 egg and 1 shrimp fry.

I ordered it and the staff brought it, and I said "Hey it is absolutely too much for me! Are they kidding me?" but, when I saw a man at the back of my table, he is eating curry same mine. So I realize it and begun eating.

Since leaving foods that YOU are the one order is rude in Japan, I ate it all of them. So I had heatburn all day long yesterday :(

Next time I go there, I will try smaller size. But unless the problem about ampount of rice, I don't think the curry totally better than other restaurant.

I recommend you to go to Indian restarant if you will come to Matsuyama city :p


西瓜男 said...

Hi Taro,

You ate it ! WOW.
The whole dish looks 1kg weight.
I love curry & rice but I can not do that !!

maria said...

me too, I can only finished a quarter of it. It looks so big!!!!


Christen said...

Wow, that portion is pretty big. People in Japan don't take their leftovers home?

Taro said...

Hi 西瓜男さん
Yes I'm pretty sure that it was over 1kg. I thought they must be kidding :)

Taro said...

Yes It was too big for Japanese. I usually eat quarter of the aount of it in other curry restaurant and it make me full. I am wondering why I could eat 1kg :p

Taro said...

Ameracans do that?? Yes, Japanese bring back their remaining dishes(is it leftover in English?) to home. But I have policy that I eat all of dish that I ordered. I thought it is bigger than usual curry and can be too much for me but ordered because of the fair :D I regret...