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Monday, September 3, 2007

Viking restaurant

viking restaurant

I went to viking restaurant last Sunday.

I'm not sure that I could call it "viking".

I mean pay some money and can take unlimited foods from a lot of dishes.

It is "viking" in Japanese.

This restaurant locates in Dogo area, so needless to say, when you eat at restaurant, you can get free Onsen ticket :p

A lot of old people loves staying all day long at Dogo.

Onsen and foods makes us refreshed :D


maria said...

Ahh it is eat all you can food chain... did u enjoy?

When i ate at eat all you can food here in Makati, my stomach was so full and I did have stomache ache.


Christen said...

We call them 'buffets' (buffays) over here.

Taro said...

hi maria
I ate too much as well. It costs more than 10UD$ so I must eat much :p

Taro said...

hi christen
Thank you for teaching!
some riches or ladies call it as "buffets" instead "viking" here in Japan. But Japanese men cannot pronounce "buffet" .. Lol

maria said...

Yes it is buffet style too in the Philippines but more popularly known as eat-all-you-can food shop.

Sadashi said...

I see why they are called "viking", you just take everything and then you come back and take some more lol:)

I love my Viking ancestors.