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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Brief lunch

Brief lunch

This is luch that I cook by myself on weekend.

Well, I'm lazy to cook usually so go out for luch, but when I don't have much money to do it, I prepare at home.

The rice is always in rice cooker at mt home, so I just need to cook some dish and soup.

Miso soup is instant. Just tear package of mixed seasoning and dried tohu and seaweed, yakisoba is just need to be poured hot water.

Haha I just need to spend 5 minuets to prepare :p


maria said...

haha!!! same style in the Philippines. When i am saving money, I would cut out my food budget,so sometimes I eat pansit canton or noodles which cost only 8pesos . Then I take a little rice with it. This helps so I could buy what I want.

but not always...

Taro said...

Yeah we have to reduce budget to buy what we want.
But Im sure that Nisshin helps us :)