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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Instant pasta

Instant pasta

Well, Japanese are very good at developing instant and delicious food.

As you know, world first instant noodle are developed by Nisshin, Japan's most famous instant noodle supplier.

Cupnoodle series are popular among Asian coutries. I didn't see much Nisshin products in Thai, but so many in the Ohilippines.

I think more than 100 kinds of instant noodle made by Nisshin are sold in the Philippines.

Nisshin has instant Ramen,Yakisoba, Udon, and spagetti already, and all of them are delicious for me.

But these day, Nisshin launch instant Ramen and Pasta can be cook witout hot water!

Just pour a little cold water and put it in microwave, it willl be delicious pasta in 3 mins.

So I tried, but I prefer original that need be cook with hot water :(

But I think Nisshin improve the texture of noodle soon.

They do great jpb evrytime for us.


maria said...

I did try instant spaghetti here in the Philippines. Well, it tasted so much preservatives and I dont like it... even if they looks yummy...

Well your instant pasta looks so yummy, too. I wonder how is the tatse?


Taro said...

It tastes like jolibee spagetti but not so sweet like that :)
Pilipino instant noodles contains only soup and noodle so I need to put some vegetables and meats(I mean there are no seafood in it like Nisshin's seafood noodle).