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Saturday, September 8, 2007



I don't know very well about food life of guys lives in Tokyo, but Imotaki is king of "Food of Autumn" in my hometown.

Since Japan has 4 beatiful season, most of vegetables has their unique season to be most delicious.

Imo is potato in Japanese, but some kinds of potato exists in Japan. Aroid is cooked into Imotaki.

In Japan, especially around my hometown, aroid become most delicious on Autumn, all of us enjoy Imotaki on autumn every yeah and realize that autumn comes.

I hate summer in Japan because it is too hot recently, I hope autumn comes soon :p


西瓜男 said...

Hi Taro,

I have never heard "Imotaki" !
Please tell me what else are in it.

Taro said...

Hi M.Suika
Really? I thought it is generally known in south part in Japan.
Imotaki is similar to the way how-to-cook Mizutaki, but we usually put much burdock and Satoimo, konnyaku, chicken, carrot and other vegetables. Satoimo is main ingresients into Imotaki. All od us lives in Shikoku(or especially in Ehime) know it :D

maria said...

me too!! Havent heared of it. How does it taste?

Taro said...

Tastes of Japanese dashi and burdock flavor :p
But Im not sure if burdock is sold in th Philippines...