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Saturday, September 1, 2007



When we find Sanma in market, we realize that autumn comes.

Sanma is the name of fish on above photo, I don't know what do you foreigner call it.

The taste is fishy and tasty. Also cooked into Sashimi or Sushi.

Because of the develop of aquaculture, we can eat it unless the climate.

But we know that we can eat delicious sanma only on autumn. On spring or summer, not dlicious at all :(

If you are in Japan or will come to Japan on September or October, I strongly recommned you to eat Sanma with plane rice and Miso soup. Our favorite :D


maria said...

LOL!! It looks like galunggong in the Philippines.

Taro said...

I didn't see this fish in the Philippines... Next time i will take picture before cooked ;p