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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Natto(fermented soybeans)


Natto is hot topics these days?

I found some posts about Natto on my favorite blogs.
hugo Blogging
Why don't you come to Japan?

For who doesn't know well about Natto, I will introduce about briefly.

Natto is fermented beans. I'm not sure but parobably 3 or 4 kinds of beans may be ingredients of Natto.

I recommend Natto to a lot of my foreigner friends but they couldn't eat it!

But a Korean friend who I met in Australia said that he had been used to eat it in Korea.

Does any Korean see this post? If so, please tell me if Natto is eaten in Korea or not.

Don't say "yuck" before you try.

It's so popular in Japan and people who lives in west part in Japan loves it!

I think most of people eat Natto with sauce and mastard in the package of Natto, but I strongly recommend you to add vinegar and chill before you stir Natto!

It's my favorite way since I heard about this way from the announcer from a radio program.

1, open the package of Natto.

2, You can see a sauce and mastard packege on the plastic cover

3, Prepare the vinegar and Chili(for me I usually prepare dried chili pepper).

4, Add sauce, mastard, vinegar and chili. And stir it! Natto will be thready.

5, Enjoy! Usually Japanese put it on the rice and eat with rice. But I like to eat Natto without rice, with whisky!

Finally, I have written that Natto is made of a various kind of beans, but 3 quaters of Natto sold in Japan is made of soy beans.

I attached a couple of photo is made of black soy beans. I prefer black soy beans to ordinary soy beans! It's more tasty than ordinary soy beans.

For more info, go to http://www.dietmodificationsinjapan.com


Hugo said...

Looks very good. I will try the vinegar and chili pepper, both I can buy at Jusco in China. Thank you Taro! I really do not know why people think natto is so bad.. I really really like it.

Taro said...

I will recommend this black soy bean Natto to foreigner from now on. Because it's not so sticky and smell is not so bad. I begun eating Natto at the age of 2 and I love it still now!

Hugo said...

A comment on this. I tried your recommendation chili pepper and rice vinegar. It was awful. It was horrible. But i now realized that i still must use the mustard and the bonito sauce. So I will do again next time and tell you my opinion.

Taro said...

Hi, hugo
Maybe you don't like this way. There are a lot of way to eat Natto in Japan. Around Hokkaido, everybody eats Natto add ONLY sugar when they eat Natto. Guys lives in Tokyo add much mayonnaise.. I aoso like add Korean Kimchi. Try to find your favorite way! I hope you will find some way and tell me.

Hugo said...

I tried again adding the rice vinegar. But how much rice vinegar to add? I think this is very important. Otherwise, the taste is ruined..

Taro said...

Hi hugo,
I usually add 1 or 2 teaspoon of rice vinegar and chili pepper. A little bit sour and so apicy since I love spicy foods!

3w-engineer said...

Hi! I'm a foreigner who currently works in Japan and I have grown to love nattou! Another way to eat it is with Japanese curry and cheese. I discovered this when visiting Koko-ichi - one of my favorite curry restaurants.