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Monday, May 7, 2007

Japanese whiskey

It is not a part of my dietary habit but I describe.

I usually drunk 2 cans of beer and 2 glass of whiskey.

But you know, People need some side dish or relish to make whiskey more delicious.

For me, I love sausage for beer and whiskey! Don't you like that combination?

In 2nd photo, you can see ready to cook sausage package in Japan.

Of cource it is product of Japanese food suplier but "Flavor of sausage bender in Germany" displayed on the top of the package.

Yes I know German sausage is one of most delicious in the world.But I have not ever been to Germany.

I like this sausage very much but I really want to try German sausage...

Does someone help me to find how to write dynamic writing in English?
I want to write it with (+_+) or something like that.

For more info, go to http://www.dietmodificationsinjapan.com

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