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Saturday, May 12, 2007


This one is also famous in Japan.

The name of the dish is "Udon".

Well, Udon is famous only in west Japan.

But tokyo and other cities located in east side in Japan, Soba is more popular than Udon.

I have already described about "Ramen" in this blog, Ramen shop and vender are located all over Japan because it is imported dish from China.

I lived in Kagawa pref. And Kagawa pref is known as a place has a lot if delicious Udon restaurant. So I used to eat Udon(everyday almost).

I have already left Kagawa pref., but I still like it.

I think people live in Kagawa pref eats more Udon than rice.

I love this too!

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Hugo said...

Here you can buy Japanese udon. Also you can buy Kumamoto style Ramen.Jusco is importing fresh noddles from Japan. I like udon but I think I prefer soba. If I have udon, I want an ebi tempura inside, also I want kamaboko. I lived in Aizu Wakamatsu and they had an amazing noodle shop. Until today, because I am ignorant, this is the best noodle shop in the entire world!

Taro said...

Hi, hugo
Yes most of foreigner says that Udon doesn't have much of taste. I want tempura when I eat Udon with. I think Soba is more popular where you lived. In Shikoku island where I live, Soba is not popular! I think Chinese cuisine is great but noodles are more delicious in Japan!

Hugo said...

Here in China, people like rice noodles. However, as you can imagine already... they like it spicy. So spicy that you will cry and sweat!!