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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Katsuo no Tataki(lightly roasted bonito)

Katsuo no Tataki(lightly roasted bonito)

Today, I introduce about Katsuo no Tataki(lightly roasted bonito).

I didn't know the word "bonito". I thought "yellowfin" instead of "bonito".

Is it wrong? I saw bonito saled in the market in the Philippines as the name of "yallowfin". It was expensive in the Philippines.

I think you have ever tried Sushi or Sashimi. It is completely raw.

"Tataki" means "lightly roasted" according to the dictionary.

I live in Ehime prefecture in Japan, and Kochi prefecture that is located next to Ehime is largest production area of bonito in Japan.

Therefore, I could eat flesh bonito in my hometown at a law plice.

I saw lightly roasted bonito in Japanese restaurant in Australia, Bangkok, Philippines and was used to eat it instead of Tuna Sashimi.

I also like Sashimi of bonito, but in my hometown, Tataki is more popular way to eat bonito.

If you don't like completely raw fish, you should try this one first prior to eat Sashimi. This one doesn't smell very much of "Raw fish".

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maria said...

I love sashimi but the only sashimi i know is maguro.maybe i have eaten bonito many times.....of course i love the taste dipped in soy sauce without wasabi.

Taro said...

hi maria,
I saw bonito(called "yellowfin") at Landmark mall in Makati everyday! But I didn't try it. Someday I want to eat fresh raw lapu-lapu sashimi.

maria said...

aHHH i find it in my japanese book. yellowfin wa shibi. i think bonito is katsuo .

here is my blog too.check them up!

maria said...

hi taro,
i think sushi and sashimi is not recommended in Manila because of freshness. If you go to sea where fresh seafoods are, you can eat raw fish. My uncle told me they eat raw tuna in Dumaguete city (house is near seashore).

Taro said...

Yeah I saw yellowfin there but I thought it must be bonito! but in fact, I cannot recognize the difference of bonito and yellowfin..
BTW Do you know kinilaw(just like what I described about in this post, but I think the fish is tuna)? I was used to eat it in Mindanao but nobody know about it in Manila..