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Monday, May 28, 2007

Tonkatsu(Pork cutlet)

Tonkatsu(Pork cutlet)

I will introduce how to make Tonkatsu(Pork cutlet) today.

It's so popular in Japan but how about in Japanese restaurant in overseas?

I was used to order it there but it was not as good as standard tonkatsu in Japan.

I think Japanese beef is one of greatest in the world, but pork is as good as other coutries.

So I cooked Tonkatsu in overseas by myself.

It's so simple!

from the left,
Tempura coating(see )
Bread crumb
boneless pork fillet(dredge salt and pepper)

Put pork fillet into tempura coating completely, And then, put them into bread crumb. Too much bread crumb is not good.

Now, ready to be deepflied.

Keep oil at around 180 tempereture, and deepfly pork till the bread crumb changes color to gold.

Done! You can choose any sauce for tonkatsu, but I recommend you buy Japanese tonkatsu sauce in Japanese food store in your coutry. Check it!

This is most popular tonkatsu saucein Japan, "Bulldog Tonkatsu sauce".

Most of my foreigner friend says "Amazing! It's flavorful and tasty!" when they taste this, so I think you too!

This is trademark of Bulldog ltd. products.I saw this sauce sold in Australia, Philippines, Thailand and Hong-Kong.

Probably you can find it at Japanese products market in your hometown!

Just about 2 USD. You should try!

For more info, go to http://www.dietmodificationsinjapan.com

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