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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tempura (green soybean and shrimp)

Tempura (green soybean and shrimp)

This is also my favorite Tempura.

Have you ever heard about Kakiage?

It is Tempura made of chopped begetables or small seafoods.

How can I make CHOPPED things to tempura? Usually, when you cook tempura, you cut the begetables into slice.

When you make Kakiage, you have to prepare Spoon.

1. Cook tempura coating in the bowl.(see Ebi-tempura)
2. Add chopped begetables into bowl and stir.
3. Use spoon and scoop .
4. drop it into oil. And deepfly till color will be gold.

I couldn't attach picture because I bought it in the supermarket at 2 USD per package...

You can choose any begetables for Kakiage. Most popular ingredients for Kakiage may be the combination of shrimps, onion and carrot here. I'm not sure what is popular in Tokyo. It depends on a place.

For more info, go to http://www.dietmodificationsinjapan.com

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