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Tuesday, May 15, 2007



I love this also. I don't know exact way to explain about it but like Korean BBQ in your hometown.

Sorry to attatch ugly photo coz I'm using ny cellphone to take a pictures.

Yakiniku is so popular in Japan and a lot of people's favorite dish.

1, you should order beer.
2, choose meat what you want to eat from menu list.
3, Raw meat will be serve.
4, Put them onto the electoric heater(charcoal heater) set on the center in every table.
5, take meat out of heater after meet will be cook and dip into sauce.
6, Enjoy!

Maybe you feel discusting to "Do It Yourself" but it's common in Japanese yakiniku restaurant.

If you like rare meet, you can keep meet on the heater for a short time period.

I can't go to yakiniku restaurant often because I have to spend much money.

Yes, I know that there are a lot of reasonable yakiniku restaurant but meat are not flesh and not soft in my hometown. So I don't want to go.

Hmmm, I don't have enough skills of impressing about the taste of Yakinku.

I need to learn English more....

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Hugo said...

my comment is reagrding meat. Since you mentioned niku, i cant help to ask you if you have ever tried kobe beef?

Taro said...

Hi, hugo
Yes I have tried Kobe beef in Steak restarant(a grill plate set in every table and 1 chef in 1 table). You know, Kobe beef is really rare so we can eat only steak restaurant here in Japan. It is so soft and tasty. But I think beef that I usually buy in mall is enough since Japanese beef is really good. Have you ever eaten beef in the Philippines? It's just taste of bull leather belt!!

Hugo said...

no.. I haven´t. But tell me more.. Is kobe beef expensive? In China, there is a restaurant, Supersteak, its a very nice restaurant, they say its a "Japanese steak house". They sell kobe beef.. but its so amazingly expensive. I have eaten donkey meat.. people like it but to me.. I thought I was eating a piece of a tire of a car.. Here they also eat dog, I have seen it at the supermarket.... I have seen cocodrile also..

Taro said...

I don't remember how much did it cost, but when I'm in Steak restaurant, I usually order 200g of beef steak. Even if the beef is not Kobe beef, we have to pay more than 50 USD in steak restarant. With a couple of red wine and girlfriend, I have to pay more than 200 USD on 1 DINNER!!! Maybe Kobe beef in my home town costs more than 150 USD per 200g.
I met a lot of guys eats dog in the Philippines too!

Hugo said...

I saw a dog being carried inside a basket on a bicycle. The dog was dead. Here some people really eat dog... here steak is expensive but not as expensive as Japan..

maria said...

yes, beef in the Phils is so hard meat...

i have heared of japanese beef it is expensive they say....

many Filipinos are dog eaters...but I am not....

Taro said...

Some filipino eats dogs.
Most of Japanese eats octopus.
What lind of foods are eaten is always depending on a coutries!