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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Yamaimo no Tempura

Yamaimo no tempura.

It is tempura of Yamaimo(sticky sweet potato).

I looked up "Yamaimo" in English-Japanese dictionary but I couldn't find exact thing.

This potato has black peel and is so sticky and thready when peeled...

Does someone knows uniq name of it?

I wanted to attach the photo but actually this Yamaimo no Tempura is frozen instant food. So I couldn't attach.

I like any Tempura, what is best tempura for me is..

1st. Ebi(prawn) tempura
2nd. Pumpkin
3rd. Chikuwa-Isobe tempura(Japanese fish sausage tempura with seaweed flavor I will introduce it later with photo)

What kind of tempura is popurar at Japanese restaurant in your country?

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Hugo said...

Is yamaimo the equivalent to "yuca"?
My favorite is also shrimp tempura, but I also like sweet potato and pumpkin.

Taro said...

I couldn't find "yuca" in the dictionary.. I will keep looking up in other dictionary or I should introduce it with picture later..