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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Japanese whiskey by Oldest distiller "Suntory"

I described about Japanese whiskey a few days ago but I write about different one again.

This is Suntory "Kaku Whiskey".

Im not sure but I think there are 2 large distillers in Japan.

"Suntory" and "Nikka".

But these days, Suntory is much more popular than Nikka.

Suntory is the distiller dealing Whiskey and Brandy since 1937.

If you are expert of alchol, I guess you have ever heard about Suntory whiskey "Yamazaki".

It is a lot of international-award-winning whiskey.

I used to drunk American whiskey such as I.W harpar and Branton, but I prefer Japanese whiskey to them.

If you could found Japanese whisley in your hometown, you should take it and serve with ice and water with Sushi or other Japanese cuisine!

Don't forget, most of Japanese whiskey are made for being drunk with water. You can enjoy straight or "On the rock" but I recommend you to drunk with water.

FYI, "Suntory Yamazaki" costs about 5,000 JPY(about 40 USD) and "Suntory Kaku" and "Suntory Old" costs around 1,500 JPY(about 10 USD) in Japan.

For more info, go to http://www.dietmodificationsinjapan.com


Hugo said...

Taro. I have a question regarding Japanese alcohol. Here in China, I had some sake with some friends. And a question they asked was "is this the strongest alcohol you have in Japan?". When I answered "I don't think so", they said "We don't think Japan has anything stronger than this". Chinese people are very proud of their white alcohol "Maotai" (which they call a wine) and according to the label this is a 56% alcohol content per volume. Particularly for me, what makes a good alcohol is not how strong it is, I prefer the taste an texture. So my question is which alcohol people are drinking in Japan and how strong these are?

Taro said...

Hi, hugo
Hmmm, Japanese Sake(Rice wine) are about 15% or something. But you know, there are a lot of distiller makes great whisky in Japan. They include 40% to 60% alcohol. You say that How strong it has is not important, absolutely YES!!
My favorite alcoholic drink is beer in the Philippines that costs only 0.5 USD...lol I think the climate in the Philippines makes the beer better!
Which alcoholic is most popular in Japan is ordinary Beer(about 5% alcohol). But Japanese likes whiskey, Shochu(Korean distillation made of wheet or sweet potato or rice. I'm not sure because I don't like it but maybe 25% alcohol included) as well.
I think Brandy and cocktails are not popular in Japan.
Adv, tnx for writteing in clear English!

Hugo said...

But what about other drinks from Japan? What about Choya? I don't know why some people take so much pride in how strong their alcohol is, like that makes them better or more masculine or cooler. For me, the taste is more important. As I told you, Jusco in China has been offering free drinks of sake. At Japanese style restaurant, Watami, sake is popular, you can order it hot or cold. I prefer warm, to be honest. It's funny speaking about how strong a liquor can be. Because the same people that told me "sake" is very light (because the label states a much lower alcohol content that Chinese maotai), looked tipsy (a bit affected by the alcohol). I thought brandy was very popular in Okinawa because they have sweet potatoes and isn't this the most important component of brandy? Here, they are selling Kirin and Asahi beer. I have not seen Sapporo.

Taro said...

Hi, hugo
In Okinawa, "Awamori" is most popular. I don't know the ingredients of it and how can I categorize into brandy...
Maybe your friends who are very proud of their strength for alcohol are really strong, but I feel pity of them coz they have to spend much money to be drunk!lol

I think you can buy any local and imported alcohol drink in Japan. I don't know how many kinds of alcoholic drinks exists in the world. I'm not sure but you mean to say prum brandy instead of "Choya". It is not so popular in Japan() but maybe 15 or 20 % alcohol included.

Hugo said...

Choya, you can buy here. I thought it was strong...oh this is not alcohol but Kirin´s milk tea is very popular here. so is poccari sweet.