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Monday, May 14, 2007


Needless to say, This is Sushi.

I think Japanese restaurants exists all over the world (include imitation Japanese restaurant) and most of them serve Sushi these days.

So, Have you ever eaten Sushi? And do you like it?

For me, Sushi is not my favirite. I think there are a lot of great cuisine with the exception of Sushi in Japan.

I will introduce it later.

I ate Sushi at Japanese restaurant in Australia, Thai, Philippines, and Hong Kong.

But none of them serve delicious Sushi. And So expensive!

In Japan, there are belt conveir Sushi restaurant and we pay for less than 2,000 JPY per 1 person.

This Sushi plate(photo attached above) is saled 2,000 JPY in supermarket and good for 3 or 4 people.

But this is much more delicious than Sushi in Japanese restaurant in Philippines.

I'm not sure but Japanese ordinary family go out for dinner in Sushi restaurant once in a month.

But I preffer to go to other restaurant to Sushi restaurant.

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joy said...

I love Japanese Food. I love sushi among other things. I love Tempura, Teriyaki, Teppanyaki, too.

In the Philippines, you can find expensive Japanese restaurants.

But you can also find affordable but yummy japanese restaurants.

Explore SushiYa. They have stores in Malls -- SM Mega Mall, Robinsons Place Manila, Robinsons Galleria, Market! Market and non mall branches in Tomas Morato, Libis, and Westgate Alabang.

Mix Sushi Platter $3.
SushiYa Festival $4.

Taro said...

Thanks for your comment, and are you from the Philippines? I lived in Makati City and was used to go to Japanese restaurant around Pasong Tamo and Pasay road. I couldnt find any delicious Japanese Rstaurant.

Unfortunately I haven't been "Sushiya"in Philippines...

Thanks for your info and come again!

Camemberu said...

Hi Taro-san,

I found your interesting blog after reading the comment you left on my blog. Thank you for dropping! I do like sushi very much but also other forms of Japanese food. Glad to hear that even conveyor belt and supermarket sushi can be good. I'm actually doing research on good places to eat in Tokyo and Kyoto for a trip later this summer. I think Japan has the BEST food ever! Itadakimasu!

Taro said...

Hi camemberu
I found your blog via saerching by "Ramen" coz I love it! Im waiting for your next report!
by the way, I can't access to your blog when I click your name dispalyed in the comment section..
?(@_@)? since I want to access to your blog again and easily I have to solve this problem via blogger help....

Hugo said...

For me also, sushi is not my favorite. Actually to be honest, I think its just okay. I prefer other things like sashimi for example and of course, maki sushi. Tenpura is geat as Joy says (but this originally from Portugal, right?), my favorite is of course, ebi-tenpura. Chicken teriyaki, teppanyaki, curry rice.. By the way, now in Hong Kong, Tako yaki is a hit.. very popular..

Taro said...

Yes, Tempura is one of my favorite. But you know, it's pretty hard for us to cook ebi-tempura in home! I think we need to train and understand how we cook it well. lol
So when I go to the restaurant, I order Ebi-Tempura, but I cook begetable tempura in my home. Try pumpkin or sweet potato tempura! It's so delicious.
That's it, Tempura was imported from Portugal in early 16th century, but most Japanese believe it is Japan's original!

Hugo said...

I really like ebi tenpura