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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ebi-Tempura(Prawn tempura)

Ebi Tempura(Prawn tempura)

As I wrote about already, this is one of my favorite Japanese cuisine!

I think you have ever eaten prawan tempura and it was bigger than this.

There are a lot of Tempura restaurant in Japan and they serve large prawn tempura.

But we can buy prawn is as large as this in supermarket. No problem, both of them tastes similar.

Remove the head and skin of prawn.

Remove the tip of the tail of prawn. Somehow, according to my mum, we have to do that.

Make a cut in the prawn, and make it flat.

My mum also bought "Special salt for tempura".

See above photo by click. I like to eat tempura with salt, not tempura sauce.

We usually cook tempura on the dining table, not in kitchen. So we have to prepare tempura cooker on the table.

Ingredients. Potato and prawns for today. Tempura coating is made of 1 egg, 1 third package of floar and about 1 cup of water. Simple!


Served with beer!

I am so satisfied with today's tempura, but I think Prawn tempura should be eaten in Tempura restaurant and cooked by professional tempura chef.

It's very hard for us to cook it as well as prawn tempura served in Restaurant!

Maybe there are some tips to cook great tempura...

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