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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Shimesaba( vinegared mackerel)

Ordinary dinner in my home.

On the left: Spinach salad (ONLY spinach!)
Fish on the center: Shimesaba (vinegared mackerel)
Small bowl on the center: steamed vegetable(the name is "Chikuzen-ni")
On the right: deepflied filltes of white fish.

Have you ever tried vinegared mackerel in your place(see 2nd photo attached)?

I have never seen it in foreign countries.

I don't know exact way how to cook it but ,according to my mother,

1, Cut the mackerel into fillet.
2, Dredge a little bit of salt and keep it in the fridge for a couple of hours
3, Briefly wash the mackerel and dip it into vinegar completely for a half hours.

I love sour foods and spicy foods! So I like vinegared fish so much!

And it's important, "Shimesaba" is so cheap!

Do you know how expensive Sushi are!?

I think Sushi is much more expensive in foreign coutries but as far in Japan!

But Shimesaba is only 2 USD per package(includes a mackerel).

So I often eat it...

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Hugo said...

Is the "vinegard" mackerel raw? I mean, it is simmered in vinegar only right? Is it good? Do you think other fish can be eaten like this?
About sushi, my favorite is the maki-sushi variation. I can eat a lot... but I don't know if its expensive or not (I know, it depends a lot on what is inside). My favorite is the classical maki.. the one that has the nori outside.

Taro said...

Hi, hugo
Yes "Shimesaba" is not heated up. There are a lot of fish cook as well as Shimesaba such as sardine and scad in Japan.
I like sushi-roll too. When I was in Australia, sometimes I went to velt conveyor sushi and ate avocado roll only coz it was so cheap!lol
I agree with you that classical maki is the best ofsushi-roll. The conbination of ingredients are amazing!

Hugo said...

Yes.. to be honest, I do not like the avocado in my sushi, but its popular because it is the famous "California maki". I also like mazegohan.. is this the right spelling? A rice that has lots of things inside and they usually make it a little sweet.. the rice, of course, to my taste, must be sticky..

Taro said...

I like traditional Mazegohan too. Have you ever tried "Takikomi Gohan"? How is that made is wash the rice, put them into rice cooker, add chopped begetables and "Dashi".
Dashi is like a Japanese buillon cube.
It's pretty hard to explain without picture...

Hugo said...

i have had nihon dashi I like..
i am happy with white rice and tamago furikake.. ha ha

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