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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ankake Yakisoba

Ankake Yakisoba

Today I introduce one of my favorite noodle in Japan.

This is ankake yakisoba. I introduced yakisoba here, but this one is different from it.

"Ankake" is important. It means "with sticky soup".

Stirfry noodles and put it in the plate, and souse sticky soup over fried noodle.

The sticky soup is made of maggy broth and vegetables and seafoods. Add potato starch finally to make it sticky.

I prefer Ankake rather than ordinary yakisoba :D

Noodles are popular in Asia, I like all of noodles that I have ever eaten in Asia!


西瓜男 said...

hi taro,

it looks great !
Do you like "Sara-Udon" in Nagasaki as well ?

Taro said...

Hi Mr.西瓜男
Yeah, actually I always think which noodle should I choose from egg noodle or deepfried tight noodle(do you mean to say it dont ya?) for Ankake-yakisoba in supermarket. I like Sara-udon but it doesn't make me full :p
I think deepfried tight noodle is more popular than egg noodle for being cooked to Ankake-yakisoba here.