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Monday, July 2, 2007



Karaage is Japanese style flied chicken.

One of most popular dish among beer lover and children :D

I think flied chicken is popular in most of coutries but how-to-cook depends on a place.

This is how Japanese style.

1, Cut chicken thigh(boneless).
2, Prepare coating. Mix flour, egg, salt and pepper,ground ginger and garlic, Japanese rice wine and baking soda.
3, Put chicken into coating and put it on a flidge for 1 hour.
4, Pick up them and dredge potato starch and flour.
5, Deepfly them!

It's simple. My mum cook it once in a week because we like it.

I like KFC's flied chicken drumstic but boneless Karaage is also delicious!


Anna Pesut アナ ピースーット said...

Okay, I'm going to give you your first English lesson from me! LOL.

First off, I know that it's VERY difficult for the Japanese to distinguish between "r" and "l". The "r" sound is said without touching the tongue to the roof of the mouth. The "l" sound is said with the tongue touching the roof of the mouth.

I spot two misspellings where the confusion of "r" and "l" is the issue. The word "flied" should be "fried", and "flidge" should be "fridge".

I hope this helped! :D

Taro said...

Thank you so much anna!
You will make my English skill? Please correct charactor if you find any mistake!
Yes, pronouncing "r" is pretty difficult for us. If compare with, Japanese language is much easier as a part of pronouncing!

maria said...

karaage.....hmmm yummy....!!!!!

i miss it in our omise....manila karage worth 1050yen.

Taro said...

Hi maria
When I go to Philippine bar in Japan, I always bring Karaage that I buy from vender. It's very good for beer! I prefer boneless :D