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Friday, July 20, 2007

Today's Ebi tempura

Today's Ebi tempura

I tried to cook Ebi tempura well. Ebi is shrimp in English.

I bought instant mixed tempura batter and add water and ice into bowl.

Shrimp need to be dredged salt and pepper prior to be coated.

I attach one more picture. see,

You see tempuras on the right, these are with thick(much powder and few water as batter) tempura batter.

On the left, those are with thin(less powder) batter.

I prefer thin batter rather than thick, but my mum said thick one is more tasty.

I need to learn more about it.

It's OK but not as well as the one served in renstaurant :(


Christen said...

Looks yummy :9

Your "table cloth" adds a nice touch to the meal. :D

Taro said...

Thank you for leaving comment. I wish I could take beatiful picture like you attach on your blog :p
The "table cloth" is advertising catalog. Japanese put it on cloth not to mess it.

maria said...

HI Taro!!

were they crisp?
It seems that you remove the tail hihiih

and they look oily... they are exactly the same to the ebi tempura i cooked at home........;(

wish i could master it!!! but it is so delicious... my favorite!!!!!

Taro said...

Haha now you know how hard to cook ebi tempra like it served in Japanese restaurant :p
The one I cooked is crispy, but 5 minutes later, it's no longer crispy :(
So I need to eat it immediately.