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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Home made tempura

Home made tempura

Does it looks delicious?

That's what I ate at dinner a couple of days ago.

Combination of my favorites :D

  • Chikuwa tempura with seaweed-tempura-coating.

  • Crab stick tempura.

  • Sweet potato tempura

Tempura coating is crispy and soft ;p

But now I want to eat tempura of seafood...


maria said...

I love it, Taro!!!
looks yummy and crispy!!!

A Japanese friend told me batter must be made up of ice cold water, egg and flour to have a crispy one.

Did u do it?

Taro said...

When I cook tempura, I usually just buy mixed powder for tempura. It contains flour, egg powdered egg and other seasonings. I just need to add water and tempura will be crispy :D
Cutting corners :p