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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Horumon Yaki

Horumon Yaki

This looks like yakiniku? Yes, it is one of dish served in Yakiniku restaurant.

But meat is "Horumon". Horumon means innards.

We eat most of all innards of beef, such as tongue, heart, liver, bowel, lung and more.

Tongue and bowel are most popular. I like both but I don't like liver yakiniku.

But I love raw liver :D Can you eat it?

I don't need to go to Yakiniku restaurant to eat them. I can buy delicious Horumon in the market.

Like this. It is packed with sauce so I just need to stirfry with onion spring.

It is also great combination with beer :p


Camemberu said...

That horumon looks tasty! I like beef tripe (stomach) but never dared to try the rest - heart, liver, lung, etc. I didn't know you could eat the liver raw! *faint*

Taro said...

Yes we like raw liver :D
There are a large variety of meats can be eaten in yakiniku restaurant, but chepest one is innards everywhere. Tongue is also recommended :p