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Monday, July 9, 2007

Nattou Maki

Nattou Maki

This is nattou sushi roll.

If you don't know about "nattou" please check this post.

"Maki" means "roll" in English. So Nattou Maki means sushi roll with Nattou.

Ordinary sushi is "Nigiri-sushi". "Nigiri" means "grip".

There are a lot of fresh fish and other things to be cooked into sushi in japan.

But you know, some of Japanese children don't like raw fish like that foreigner do.

I didn't like raw yellowtail when I was child because it is so oily(now, I love it).

So there are a large variety of sushi that doesn't made by fish in sushi restaurant in Japan.

Such as, Chicken teriyaki, Yakiniku, Humberg steak, Prawn tempura, omulet(all of them are put onto rice and cooked into sushi!) and other ingredients depends on a place.

So everyone can enjoy their time in sushi resturant in Japan.


Camemberu said...

Oh my, anyone who eats nattou is very brave! I still cannot get used to it!

By the way, thanks for your yakitori comment on my blog. I just wanted to ask - is there a difference between "kushiyaki" and "sumiyaki"? Thank you!

Taro said...

I love nattou! But too much is not good :p

Hmmm It's pretty difficult to recognize the difference between kushiyaki and sumiyaki. "Kushi" means stick in English. "Sumi" means charcoal fire. "Yaki" means grill or fry.
But kushiyaki is usually grilled on charcoal fire, sumiyaki is charcoal-fired grilled foods and most of them are sticked to cook at ease.
I asked my mum, she said "Same" :p)

Camemberu said...

Ahh, thanks, Taro! :D I do see the word kushiyaki used more often than sumiyaki.

Taro said...

My pleasure. I agree with that "sumiyaki" is unused word in Japan these days.

Anonymous said...

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