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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Yakitori w/o stick :p

Yakitori w/o stick :p

Yesterday, I really want to eat yakitori, but I had no money to go to yakitori restaurant this month because I bought new cellphone..

So I decided to cook it by myself.

In Yakitori restaurant, sticked diced chicken are grilled on charchol fire. But I don't have stick or charchol in my home :(

I thought that "I can't eat yakitori" and disappointed, so I cook yakitori "w/o stick" and grilled on pan NOT charchol fire.

But it was good! I have never done like that but I made conclusion that yakitori could be eaten at home! How-To is just dice chicken and dredge salt and pepper.

You see the small red-capped bottle on first picture, it is ground red chili pepper. Every Japanese have there own at home, and dredge it on a large variety of dishes. Called "Ichimi" or "Shichimi" in Japanese.

Dredge like this,

When I lived in the Philippines or in Thai, it was always in stock on the cabinet :p

When you tried to cook yakitori at home, buy this at Japanese store together :p


maria said...

I love it hot and chili!!!
I could eat much rice if i have it. so dame dana hihi

What is your new cellphone?

Taro said...

Child of my maid san likes Yakitori when I take her family(only 4) to Japanese restaurant.
But she didnt like tempura :( She removed batter and eat simple ebi, and said "yummy!"

I bought NOKIA E90 Communicator. It was so expensive for me... I was saving money for two monthes to perchase it :p
I love NOKIA phone. Japanese cellphones are poor.

maria said...

It is so kind of you to treat the whole family of your maid san.

Anata wa totemo yasashi desu ne.:)

wow!!!! Did you know that Nokia is the number 1 cellphone here in the Philippines.

Your cellphone is a good one with wifi in it and 3.2 megapixels about 1000$. Mine is a 3g nokia n70 music and only cost 400$.


I think Japanese cellphones are not poor. I love the Softbank

Taro said...

I have never treated one's whole family(more than 20? OMG) like ordinary Japanese Okyakusan does :D
The maid san of mine were really nice(I think 1 maid out of 10 is OK for Japanese in the Philippines), so I sometimes took her kids to Japanese restaurant or baywalk.
I know you can buy NOKIA E90 for $1000 there, but we have to pay at avarage of &1200 coz NOKIA doesn't sell it in Japan. We have to import it by ourselves.
To perchase it, I sold my Wii, PS2, and NOKIA E61 bcoz I'm not rich :p
It will arrive within today !

maria said...


Yes I believe so Nokia is Finnish cellphone maker. Oh, did u miss ur stuff in exchange of Nokia E90.

You know here in the Philippines, only the rich people can buy it.


Taro said...

Haha I know that When I was in the Philippines, I had never imagine that I will go back to Japan and perchase communicator :p
It is also expensive cellphone for Japanese.