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Monday, July 23, 2007

Tori no Misoyaki

Tori no Misoyaki

This is Tori no misoyaki.

I think you have ever heard about Miso. Yes, it is used for Miso soup that is served in Japanese restaurant.

Miso is also used to be cooked as sauce in Japan. This is chicken grilled with Miso sauce.

Sauce is simpley made of miso, mirin, sugar and soy sauce.

This sauce can be used for grilled fish. It is delicious as well!


maria said...

hhhmhm i havent tasted it but it looks yummy to me...


Christen said...

I'm sure I cannot find this in Japanese restaurants where I live. It looks interesting and yummy.

Does it taste anything like miso soup?

Taro said...

I think this one is not famous among foreigner, but one of traditional cooking way in Japan. Since fish are easy to get bad, our ancestor tried to keep fishes fresh by using miso in early 16th century(maybe). Now we know how to keep fishes fresh without any seaoning, but this way of cooking is still last and we like it!

Taro said...

Hi christen!
Umm Actually Miso has very strong taste so not used as "taste of miso only" in Japan. I mean Miso is always blnended with other seasoning to add taste into ingredients. Such as Dashi, Mirin, or sugar.
Miso soup is taste of miso, but there are only few miso contains, mainly taste of Dashi.
But this one has more stronger miso taste and flovor, because no Dashi used for this cuisine, I think you can understand the taste of Miso.