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Saturday, July 7, 2007



My mum cooked Ramen for tonight.

Just bought instant ramen that includes deepfried noodle and powder.

It is so simple. So we need to put vegetables and meat by ourselves. Not includede in the package of instant noodle.

So we usually put onion spring and sliced pork for instant ramen.

I ate it in overseas and some of them are delicious, but, noodles are not as good as Japanese one(soup is so delicious!).

I think you guys lives in Asia can easily find Korean "Shin noodles" in your country. I was used to eat it in the Philippines.

The noodle of Shin noodle is great. I want to eat it again :D


maria said...

Nong Shim's "Shin Ramen" noodles are a covenient snack or light meal. They take a couple of minutes to prepare and they have an excellent, spicy flavour.

One thing to note is that they are hot. Very hot. I usually break out in a good sweat eating them, though I have to confess that it makes the noodles even nicer. For lovers of something with a bit of a chilli kick, these are a good choice. :D

Margaret said...

This is so good! I love Ramen noodles! In America, it's called Top-Ramen, and everyone loves it. Because it's so cheap and easy to prepare, many college students eat it all the time.

Taro said...

Hi Maria,
Yeah Shin noodles aew widely sold in Makati and very hot. I like spicy foods but there are no spicy foods for me in the Philippines. I always ate spicy sisig in the food coart at Landmark, but it is not hot at all :(
But I loved the shop. they serve a large variety of dishes(sisig, tapsilog, boneless bagos, porkchop and more) on the hot iron plate with yellow rice :D

Taro said...

Hi Margaret
In Japan, college student who lives alone eats instant noodles every day because of ... same reason as you leave .. lol
When I lived alone I did it too.