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Wednesday, July 25, 2007



This is Soumen. One of traditional noodle in Japan.

As you see Udon here, soumen is very tight noodle if compare with Udon.

Suace is same. Flavor of Dashi and soysauce.

Usually, we put sesame seeds and ground ginger into sauce to make it better.

Chopped onion is also good for soumen sauce.

Due to unbearable hot climate on Juky and August in Japan, we prefer cold noodles rather than ramen or ordinary cuisine.

But when I was Philippines, where has more hot climate than Japan has, all of my Filipino friends said that they have never eaten cold noodles :(

But when I recommend it to them once, they say "Yummy!". Especially the maid works in my condo love this and cold Soba :p


maria said...

I have eaten cold soumen in Japan and the green tea noodles. They are cold and very delicoius.

In the Philippines noodles are hot. The weather is warm and yet Filipinos like it.

We love mami available on a street food or the one being ordered at Chowking's or other Chinese ramen house..:)

when we eat hot mami, our bodies perspire a lot. I dont want that.:(

maria said...

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Taro said...

I like pancit lomi. Is it thick noodle right?
I don't like pancit with tight noodle.
I will try the affiliate later. Tnx :D

maria said...

Yes i love pancit lomi.
its sauce is thick and so delicious when hot. But i perspire.