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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saba Makizushi

Saba Makizushi

I think sushi is popular among foreigner, but I don't think this one is popular.

As there are a lot kind of sushi here in Japan, what is most popular?

Tuna? or Salmon?

Those sushi served in Japanese restaurant in overseas, and expensive.

In Japan we eat other fish when we don't have enough money to go to Sushi restaurant.

Aji and Saba are one of most fish as ingredients of reasonable sushi.

In English, they are Japanese horse mackerel andchub mackerel according to my dictionary.

The photo I attached is Saba Makizushi.

It is reasonable and delicious :p


maria said...

I know that fish being used as sardines which are preserved and canned here in the Philippines?

Do u like sardines in can?

Taro said...

Yeah I like it :p
I bought sardines marinated in small bottle with some begetables usually in the Philippines. not in can but I loved it :p