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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Nori(seaweed) snack

Nori(seaweed) snack

This is snack that I like to take with beer :D

Japanese love drinking beer on summer. Not whole year.

This is on rainy season in Japan and will be over soon, and summer will come.

I like sausage to take with beer, but it's discussting for me to cook it :p

So I just open the package of this snack and eat.

Oh I should explain how does it taste!

Just like deepfried seaweed with coating(similar way to cook tempura) and dredge wasabi powder.

There are a lot of snack that has wasabi flavor in Japan, and we love it :P)


西瓜男 said...

Hi Taro,

I like it too.
And Ika(squid)-snack is also good !

Taro said...

Hi Mr.西瓜男
Do you like it with beer? I want to drink German beer and sausage!!