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Wednesday, July 18, 2007



This is Yakitori, Grilled sticked-meat on charcoal fire.

"Yaki" means Grill, "Tori" means chicken.

There are large variety of ingredients cooked into Yakitori. Vegetables, seafoods, and meats, but you know, everything that sticked and grilled on the charcoalfire is "Yakitori" in Japan. Vegetables and seafoods are also.

These yakitori are pork and chicken.

From left, thick sliced pork, skin of chicken, and diced chicken.

You can choose sauce for them from sweet sauce(just like teriyaki sauce) or salt and pepper.

I prefer salt taste rather than sweet sauce.

Good combination with beer.


maria said...

When I eat at Japanese restaurants.
Yakitori is always considered on the list for ordering. Really good food. :)

Taro said...

You can buy Yakitori from vender on the street in the Philippines! I wanted to try it but maid san never allow me to try it. She said Japanese's stomach is not as tough as we can eat it :p

maria said...

Oh my God, those where Philippine street foods. Its not the same yakitori in the Japanese restaurants which I am refering to. They are made of chicken feet, chicken blood, chicken intestines, chicken head,chiken gizzard,...hihihi

Your maid san is right. When u eat them, chances are, onaka itakunaru yo...

You can read this:


Taro said...

But it looked delicious and smell like Yakitori! I checked your another blog and will stay tuned :D

maria said...

Yes, they are delicoius ... especially when dipped in chili vinegar...ihihi

i eat Phil street foods too.

Taro said...

I like street foods in the Philippines, but there are not so many vender near my condo in Makati.
I want to eat sour mango now :p

maria said...

Makati is an urban place. You cannot frequently see street foods like mangoes.

But u can see it in my blog.


Taro said...

Thank you foe the quatation :D
I can't buy it in my hometown. There are some Philippines food shop or pub here, but Green Mango cost more than 300 yen per one :(