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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Bonito sashimi

Bonito sashimi

Today, I introduce my FAVORITE sashimi on this post.

It is bonito.

Bonito is easy to go bad, so it's pretty hard to eat comletely fresh bonito sashimi in the city far from sea.

I live in Matsuyama city among Setouchi-sea and pacific ocean, so we can!

Usually, Sashimi is served with grean leaves and some garnish, but bonito sashimi is served with julienne or chopped garlic in my hometown.

It is important. If without garlic, bonito sashimi is not my favorite. Yellowtail or salmon sashimi would be my favorite.

Someday, when I go to Japanese traditional restaurant("Ryotei" or "Kappou"), I will introduce lobster sashimi :D


maria said...

I havent eaten bonito sashimi. But I would like to try .....


did u prepare it by yourself?

Anna Pesut アナ ピースーット said...

I'm leaving tomorrow morning! It's about 11pm here right now.

I don't know if I'll be able to get access to a computer while I'm in Japan, but I will try.

Mata nee~ :D

Taro said...

Hi Maria
You can try it in Japanese restaurant there at cheap plice because there are alot of bonito in Philippine sea.
This sashimi is sold as fillet. So I just need to cut it into small. Easy!

Taro said...

Hi Anna
The flight must be long for you so you shouldn't sleep tonight. You can sleep well in a plane and be fine in Japan.
I haven't ever had a trip to far away, but only 3 hours time difference was hard for me(Japan and Thai).
If you have time, update your blog. But I recommend you to do as much thing as you can in Japan. Don't spend much time to blogging.
Oh, don't forget to contact your parents after you arrive KIX. Nihon e Youkoso!