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Sunday, July 1, 2007



This is Japanese fried noodle.

Just simple. Ingredients are egg noodle, cabbage, onion, sliced pork and sause.

Put pork first into the pan, and add all after pork is cooked.

I have already introduced Okonomiyaki, the sauce for Okonomiyaki and Yakisoba are same.

Seafood yakisoba is also popular in Japan. Put squid, shrimp, and scarop insted of pork.

But for me, Yakisoba package(A package includes soba and sauce.) is enough. We can also buy instant Yakisoba(Just pour hot water) in market.


Anna Pesut アナ ピースーット said...
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Anna Pesut アナ ピースーット said...



Anna Pesut アナ ピースーット said...

Yay, I only had two mistakes!

Ok, I understand the "kawanai" thing.

And I was thinking of singing "First Love" by Utada Hikaru even before you mentioned it :D Cool! I'll try to record it before I leave for Japan, but I'll be very busy until then, so I don't know if I'll have time.

Thanks for listening to my songs, though :D

maria said...

hi taro!!!

I do love yakisoba too...
so oily dakedo ne...
:)demo good tatse !!

Taro said...

Hi アナちゃん
Hiroshima is well known as having a lot of great Okonomiyaki restaurant so Yakisoba is also good there.
I am eager to check your next update of "First Love" ! Because you have beatiful voice like that Utada have :D
If you are busy, Packing is prior OK?

Taro said...

Hi Maria
Yeah my filipina friends loves Yakisoba in the bar.
They loves oily foods so most of them are a little bit fat haha.