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Monday, July 16, 2007

Japanese traditional breakfast

Japanese traditional breakfast

Have you ever been to Japanese restaurant at hotel in the morning?

If you stay at hotel in Japan, they will ask you which do you prefer from Japanese style breakfast or Western style.

In most case, "Japanese breakfast" that served in Japanese hotel are configured with Plane rice, Omulet, Grilled fish, and Miso soup.

If you want more, they will serve Nori(seaweed) or Nattou.

So It could be most traditional configuration of Japanese breakfast.

These days, especially young generations eat bread and ham-egg and orange juice(is it traditional western breakfast? I think so ;p) as their breakfast. But I prefer Japanese style rather than Western style.

Fish can be replaced into mackerel, Brevoort, ribbon fish and any reasonable fish. Expensive fish such as sea bream, yellow tail, tuna are also delicious but served on dinner.

Miso soup is also important for Japanese. Today's miso soup is made of Sweet potato and this sliced pork.


西瓜男 said...

Hi taro,

Oh, yeah !
Someone said "rice", "miso-soup" and "grilled salmon" is the golden triangle of Japanese breakfast.

It is not traditional but the last night's "curry and rice" is also very good for breakfast.
Don't you think so ?

Taro said...

Yeah I loved it as breakfast.
But these days, when I eat it in breakfast, I would have a heartburning :(
I know that I would, but when my mum cooks curry, I can't help eating much more than usual. I like it!