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Friday, June 29, 2007

Satsumaimo & Chikuwa tempura

Satsumaimo & Chikuwa tempura

I ate it at dinner a couple of days ago.

What do you call the potato that has dark red skin in English?

It is called "Satsumaimo" in Japanese. Popular vegetable. "Satsuma" is the name of place that located in Kyushu island, Japan.

According to a dictionary I have, it may be "ocarina" but I thought it must be "sweet potato".

Isn't it right?

Anyway, most of vegetables are being cooked as tempura in Japan. But my favorite are pumpokins and these one Chikuwa tempura and Satsumaimo.

I have allready introduced a lot of vegetables on this blog, I will introduce about Chicken tempura later.

It is also one of my favorite tempura :D


maria said...

hello Taro,

Yes it is sweet potato. I just wonder why you did not peel off the cover. In the Philippines, sweet potato can be eaten for snacks and in used as substitute for potatoes. I like sweet potatoes. :)

Anna Pesut アナ ピースーット said...

Yes, I will be going to Japan on Thursday!


Taro said...

Hi maria,
I see it could be sweet potato as well. Hmmm I didn't eat and saw sweet potato at mall in the Philippines. Sweet potato in Miso soup is aslo delicious. So tasty :)

Taro said...

Hi アナちゃん
According to forecast, it will be cloudy on Thursday in Osaka.
I wish you will have a good time in Japan and post interesting in your blog!

西瓜男 said...

Hi Taro,

You love Tempura so much !
Have you ever tried Tempura in Okinawan style ?
You can find the recipe on internet.
Try it !!

Anna Pesut アナ ピースーット said...

(My favorite tempura is shrimp tempura, lol)

Thanks for correcting my mistakes.. I didn't have any major mistakes this time! ^_^

Oh and I have a general question. Okay, when you say something like "I need to go school", how would you say it? I know saying things like "I need to study" (勉強しないといけない), or other verbs that use "-suru", but I don't know how to say that with other verbs.

I hope I'm not being too confusing ^^'

maria said...

Taro, sweet potatoes are food of the poor people. You can see sweet potatoes in the wet market most probably. In the supermarkets, you can hardly see it.

:) LOL

maria said...

They are even food for the pigs.:)

Taro said...

Hi Mr.西瓜男
Oh I have never tried it on. I will google it. Thanks for the information. I really love tempura :D

Taro said...

Hi アナちゃん
How to say "I need to go school" is just simple.
Can you say "I need to go" in Japanese?
"Go" is "いく(行く)" in Japanese, and "not go" is "いかない(行かない)".
"to school" is "がっこう(学校)".
consequently,"I need to go to school" can be said "学校行かないといけない" in Japanese.
As well, "I need to go to church" can be said "教会(きょうかい)行かないといけない".
Do you understand?

Taro said...

Hi Maria
Haha that's why I didn't see it in mall. But in Japan, sweet potato is not considered as pig's food. As expensive as other potatos.
As well as there are some premium sweet potato exists in Japan such as "Tokushima sweet potato" like "Kobe beef".

Camemberu said...

Oh I like Satsuma-imo! My baby girl will only eat this kind of sweet potato - there are other varieties but she refuses them. Satsuma-imo is not cheap here either! lol

Taro said...

Hi Camemberu
Is it? I like sweet potato cooked simple as just steamed. With butter and salt, it's perfect for right meal!